Hernia surgery recovery
Hernia surgery recovery

Hernia surgery recovery

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Hernia surgery recovery – A hernia is a condition of the entry of some of the contents of the intestine or surrounding tissue through an abnormal gap. Actually the term hernia can also be used to describe objects other than the colon, but generally the hernia describes the part of the intestine that is involved.

Hernia symptoms.

Hernia symptoms include the presence of bumps that don’t feel pain and feels supple; in males, this usually occurs in the area of the thigh or inguinal fold, resulting in a partial intestinal contents fit into the scro**tum.

Surgery is normally recommended, especially for those who have the gap is still small and has a risky activity (such as weights, chronic cough, often straining for bowel movements) because of the high risk of getting stuck in the intestine.

Hernia surgery recovery

Fast or not post-operative recovery process is in fact dependent with a variety of things, including the patient’s condition and what type of each medical action is performed. There are several stages of post-operative recovery must be carried to the patients, until she was allowed to go home and do an outpatient.

You probably won’t feel the pain shortly after coming out of the surgery room. This is because the drug is still working in the body. However, it does not need a long time, the drug side effects will disappear and the post-operative recovery process begins from here.

Post-Open Surgery Recovery.

For open hernia surgery, patients do not have to wait too long to be able to routine again. After 3 weeks of surgery, the patient can return activity, provided that the activity is light. It is recommended also for the patients to avoid activities that trigger back pain arises.

If you want to do exercises or other physical activity that are quite heavy, you can wait 6 weeks for recovering the total first. To drive yourself, the patient is just waiting 2 weeks, as long as the pain is not felt in the groin. For se**x with a partner, new patient may do it 3 weeks post-operative.

Time of Post Hernia surgery recovery

Days 1-4.

Patients are advised not to plan a personal activity or associated with work related during this period. Things you can do like: walking around the House, go to the nearest store, and eat at home. During this period, the patient could not go to school or the office, since it still will feel the pain that is moderate and need pain reliever pills (Percocet, Codeine).

Day 4-7.

Most patients can return to work or school after the 4th day post surgery. However, patients are advised not to lift heavy loads that are greater than 5-10 kg. And patients can only concentrate 50% of the load of work or school. Patients will experience mild pain, and pain reliever pills need occasionally. You can do light activities such as: mild stretching and running.

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2nd week.

Time of post hernia surgery recovery

All patients will be able to return to work or school with limited lifting of objects less than 10 kg. New patients can be a 75% of normal conditions. For exercise, the patient can perform activities such as jogging, tennis, yoga, Pilates, relaxing, light weights at the gym (less than 10 kg). Patients will still feel some discomfort and stiffness or pain can be treated with Tylenol or Advil.

3rd week.

All patients can return to work and school, but with limited lifting of objects is still less than 10 kg. And the patient can do activities 85% of normal conditions. Exercise activities could be improved include: walking, cycling, yoga, Pilates, swimming, surfing, tennis, golf, light weights gym (less than 10 kg). Pain relief medication is not required.

4th week.

All patients can return to work or attend school without the limitations of lifting weights. Patients can be a normal 95% and 100% return in a few days. Patients can go back to the original activities including athletic exercises like weight lifting, training and competition. Keep in mind if patients feel pain or discomfort after a hernia surgery for even months immediately contact the medical team.

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