Effects of carrying heavy bags
effects of carrying heavy bags

The effects of carrying heavy bags every day for health

The effects of carrying heavy bags every day for health – A wide range of bustle sometimes requires us to carry a heavy bag with innate very much. Whatever the reason, it is not good for health, especially in women who are more often using handbags than backpacks.

You know, 1 in 10 women have the habit of carrying heavy loads in a bag that can reach 4 kg? This will surely cause inconvenience to carry such a heavy load. However, in addition to the body or hand ache, what would happen if every day we carry a heavy bag? Find out The effects of carrying heavy bags every day for health below as well as helpful tips to cope with it.

The effects of carrying heavy bags every day for health

If it continues to do, carrying a heavy bag habit can cause various unexpected symptoms. Ranging from headaches, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, low back pain, and impaired balance. So the risk of postural and spinal abnormalities such as Hernia Nucleus Pulposus or known as a pinched nerve is not impossible. Furthermore, a study of the year 2013 in the Journal of Applied Physiology revealed that carry heavy bags on an ongoing basis could result in damage to the nerves, muscles, and bones. This damage is not impossible to cause disruption of motion. You may be more difficult to write, draw, driving, operating heavy equipment, and so on. How to stay healthy despite having to carry heavy bags everyday?

Best way to carry heavy bag.

Calculate the ideal weight of the bag.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, ideally a maximum weight of bags that we carry no more than 10 percent of body weight. These rates apply if you are a healthy person in the absence of trauma, injury, or other health problems. So if weight is 80 kg, then your bag must not exceed 8 kg. However, if you can bring a load of less than 7 kg.

Looking for a convenient point in the bag.

It is important to know how to comfortably carry bags. A bag that is too short or high can affect posture. Hence, choose a bag that can make us move as freely without a bump by the bag. Choose also a bag with thick straps. If you are using a sling bag, handbag or tote bag should try to bring the bag on the right side or left side alternately.

Look at the shoes you wear.

Avoid wearing high heels if must carry heavy bags. In addition to a combination of a bad shoe, can tilt the pelvis forward, increasing the risk of developing chronic back pain and injury.

When carrying a heavy bag, do not play handphone. While playing handphone, the head will look down at the screen, increasing the risk of getting hit by a military neck, a state in which the neck loses its ability to maintain its curvature.

The bag is a reflection of someone’s style but, do not make you sacrifice health. If your daily luggage is heavy, consider wearing a backpack instead of a handbag. Train also the body by exercising core strength to help the body stand upright and avoid posture disorders.

Thank you very much for reading The effects of carrying heavy bags every day for health, hopefully useful.

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