However, there is no less important thing that Pet Lovers should take note of: administering vaccines for puppies. Giving a vaccine means inserting a modified virus or bacteria that can stimulate antibodies to fight it and prevent adverse effects of the disease in the future. Here are The Dog Vaccinations Types, Age, and How To Give It

We already know how deadly this summer fires are for mammals, birds, and reptiles throughout Australia. But beyond this forest fire season, many of the same species, including bats, are a quarter of all Australian mammal species, face another devastating threat to their survival, white-nose syndrome. Here are the cause and symptoms

The Chihuahua is a very small dog with a smooth digestive system so it needs to be fed appropriately. The amount of food to be supplied on depending on the […]

German Shepherd Dog is famous because of their embedded work nature. They often have high energy and very intelligent dog breed. So when choosing the right dog food for German Shepherds, […]