Although its name a ringworm, but is not caused by a worm at all but a fungus. This highly contagious infection that can cause patchy areas of hair loss in […]

Ringworm in cats can be transmitted to humans. Ringworm in cats mostly caused by Microsporum Canis. Other fungal species that cause this condition is Microsporum gypseum or Trichophyton species. The […]

Parvo virus is an infectious disease that is common in dogs. This disease is caused by Canine Parvovirus type 2 (CPV). The virus is attacking many young dogs, namely at […]

There are several types of mites that can live in the dog’s ears, but the most common is otodectes cynotis/Otodectic Mite, i.e. are small eight-legged parasites that feed on wax […]

Heartworms in dogs is a disease caused by parasitic intestinal worms called Dirofilaria immitis that invade and proliferate in the heart so often called the heartworms’ disease. However, the worms […]