Cause of right side waist pain
Cause of right side waist pain

Cause of right side waist pain

The Cause of right side waist pain – Have you ever complained of right waist pain? Most people would probably think it’s just sore is caused by the wrong position while sleeping. Though it’s not always, you know.

The cause of right side waist pain

In some cases, the right waist pain can indeed be caused by muscle pain. But do not underestimate of this pain if it failed to recover in a long time. Because, this condition could indicate a serious problem because it relates to various organs in the vicinity.

Kidney problems.

The kidneys are located on both sides of the spine or at the bottom of the rib cage. The difference, the right kidney was located slightly lower than the left kidney. Right kidney may result in right waist pain, when experiencing inflammation, infection, or irritation. Some the most common kidney problems are kidney infections and kidney stones.

Kidney stones are a medical condition when there are gravel-like solids formed from minerals and salts from urine. Stone stuck in ureter will also make you experience pain in your back, waist, lower abdomen, and groin. While kidney infections triggered by the attack of bacteria, such as e. coli that lodged in the intestine and then goes into the bladder, and the kidneys through the ureters. These conditions also make you experience a sore waist, one on the right.

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Cause of right side waist pain - appendicitis
Appendicitis Is One Of The Cause Of Right Side Waist Pain

Appendicitis is an organ resembles a small tube attached to the large intestine. Appendicitis can have inflammation, called appendicitis, thus making this organ swell and cause pain. The location of the pain that strikes the sufferer is not always the same depending on the position of the Appendix, one of them, in effect conferring the right waist pain or pain in the lower right abdomen. The symptoms of appendicitis vary and will grow worse gradually.

Spinal problems.

The existence of a problem in the spine can become another cause why Your pain right waist. This condition can be caused by several things. Either because of an injury to the ligaments, muscle stiffness, or degeneration of the spine. The doctor will do care tailored to the cause and severity of the condition. You can do physical therapy, drug consumption, to the surgery if it is severe enough.

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Pelvic inflammatory disease.

This condition usually strikes women due to occur in the urinary tract and reproductive system of women, including the ovaries, uterus, and the urethra. Right waist pain complaints and pain during urination are some of the symptoms which indicate this condition.

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