Brown seaweed benefits
Brown Seaweed Benefits

Brown Seaweed Benefits

Seaweed is already popularly used since ancient times, both in terms of treatment as well as food. The Japanese and Chinese people used jelly to treat stomach pain and the material was obtained from processed seaweed. It is different from those in America who make jelly as part of a laxative (laxative) group.

So many unique components are conceived by seaweed. The unique contents are Polyphenols, Fucoidan, and Alginates. If you ever read research about the composition of breast milk, then the composition of the Brown seaweed is similar in content of breast milk, so it came out a nickname for the Brown seaweed that is brown milk. See the content of seaweed obviously so many benefits of brown seaweed.

Brown Seaweed Benefits

These are the Brown Seaweed Benefits:

Increased body immunity.
On the cell walls of the seaweed, there is an important substance content of the foregoing namely fucoidan. Fucoidan is a collection of some of the saccharide (polysaccharide) that is complex and is the largest component contained in seaweed.

The content of this substance stimulates the production of immune cells (the body’s defense cells) so was able to increase the body’s durability or immunities. This polysaccharide was also able to fight the bacteria and viruses and inhibits blood clotting.

Lowering blood cholesterol.
Polysaccharide work on seaweed is aligned with the work of insulin produced by the body that lowers blood sugar (blood cholesterol), lowers high blood pressure (hypertension), slowing down in terms of the release of glucose into the blood, inhibiting blood clotting so that blood circulation will run smoothly and not causing fat accumulation because of the lack of narrow blood vessel.

Besides polysaccharide contained in seaweed able to cure the influx of Helicobacter pylori bacteria causes disease in digestive, keep the skin elasticity, improve the function of the lever and tighten the skin.

Treating cancer.
If there is a cancer or the growth of cells in the body is not normal, then it can make seaweed as an alternative natural treatment.. Some of the research results prove that a polysaccharide in seaweed can damage cancer cells. So the citizens of Egypt in ancient times using seaweed in the therapeutic treatment of breast cancer.

Seaweed also contains vitamins even contain antitumor so it can also treat tumors consistently and precisely. Seaweed also has antioxidants in the form of selenium and function to prevent chemical substances, including dangerous free radicals get into the body.

Maintaining the health of the body as a whole.
People who suffer from cancer usually have to go through a healing phase of the disease by means of chemotherapy. This chemotherapy sometimes has a lot of bad effects to other parts of the body such as hair loss. If consuming brown seaweed on a regular basis, then it will give you the best immune system, revitalize the damaged cells in the body, strengthening the nerves, nourish the hair and strengthens the teeth as well as maintaining heart health.

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