Blood type diet
Blood Type Diet

4 Blood Type Diet: O, A, B, and AB

Different types of diets to lose weight are now widely circulated. One of them is blood type diet. As the name suggests, the diet is based on blood type.

One of the initiators of the blood-type diet is Peter D’Adamo, a Naturopathic physician. He believes that blood types affect the digestive system.

The underlying theory is that each of the blood type is digesting lectins differently. Lectins is a type of protein. If the pathway content of the food does not correspond to the blood type, it can trigger flatulence, inflammation, slowing down metabolism, and other diseases such as cancer.

Dietary habits of blood type diet

Like other dietary methods, a blood type diet will divide the food into three categories: beneficial, neutral, and should be avoided. Beneficial foods are foods that are considered good for the health of the body. Neutral food is a food consumed as an intake for the body. Food that should be avoided is a food that is considered toxic. Here’s a good diet for blood-type dieters:

Procedure for Blood type Diet O

Blood type diet o
4 Blood Type Diet: O, A, B, and AB 2

People with a blood type O have a good digestive tract and immune system. They also have strong natural body resistance to fight infections.

In undergoing this diet, the owners of the blood type O are recommended to consume high protein and low carbohydrate meal, such as:

  • Meat, especially those without fat. Examples are poultry and cattle.
  • Seafood, such as fish, shrimp, and crabs.
  • Various vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, leaves of celery, cauliflower, and corn.
  • Various fruits, such as bananas, oranges,  coconut, avocado and strawberry.
  • Olive oil

In addition to consuming the above-recommended foods, the blood-type O dieters are advised to limit legumes, as well as avoid foods high in carbohydrates (rice, wheat, and corn), dairy products (yogurt, cheese, butter), and caffeinated or alco**holic beverages.

Blood type O Diet pattern can work more optimally if balanced with regular exercise. The recommended exercises are aerobics, jogging and cycling.

Blood type B

The Diet for blood type B is done to restore immune function naturally, to smooth the metabolism of the body, as well as to cleanse the blood of the lectin content. For those with blood type B, good beneficial foods are consumed, namely wheat or processed wheat, snack rice, fish, and goat meat.

While the neutral food that can be consumed by blood type B is green vegetables, eggs, meat, and low-fat dairy products. The suitable type of green vegetables consumed by blood type B are broccoli, beans, mustard, and pumpkin. While the type of fruit suitable consumed of blood type B when the diet is melon, dates, pear, and guava.

Blood type A

The Diet for blood type A is aimed at avoiding stress, so that lose weight can be faster. Those with blood type A are advised not to consume meat at all. No need to worry, because calorie intake can get from eating wheat bread.

In addition, the metabolism of blood type A is quite low, so they need to consume food, such as nuts, tofu, tempeh, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and grain. This type of vegetable is suitable for the diet of blood type A, namely spinach vegetables, beans, and carrots. While the fruits are suitable for the diet of blood type A is strawberry, kiwi, dates, and pomegranate fruit.

Blood type AB

AB blood type is an easy-to-adapt blood type with various types of food. However, they also need to avoid various foods with lectin content. Food that is suitable for blood type AB is tuna, sardines, tofu, dairy products, peanut, green beans, and green vegetables, such as broccoli, celery leaves.

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