Type o blood
Type O Blood

5 Type O Blood Facts, and Personality

Type O Blood Facts, and Personality – Did you know that the blood type O is the most common type of blood? Not only that. There are many facts of the blood type O interesting to be read to.

A person’s blood type is determined by the type of antigen in red blood cells. This division of blood type is grouped into four types, namely A, B, AB, and O.

In addition, blood type is also classified according to the Rhesus factor (RH). When in the blood of a person there is an Rh factor, meaning he is expressed as a positive rhesus. Conversely, if a person does not have an Rh factor in his red blood cell, it means that he is expressed as a negative rhesus.

For those of you who are type O blood, knowing more about the blood type can facilitate you in the process of blood transfusions when needed later. Here are the facts about the blood type O:

Type O Blood Facts

Blood type O no Antigen

Blood is composed of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets in a liquid called plasma. Well, your blood type is identified by antibodies and antigen in the blood.

Antibodies are proteins found in plasma. These proteins are part of your body’s natural defense that can recognize foreign substances like germs and remind the immune system to destroy them. While the antigen is a protein molecule found on the surface of red blood cells.

Well, the blood type O is a blood group that does not have an antigen A or B, but has antibodies A and B in plasma.

Universal donor

Type O blood is the only type of blood group that does not have an antigen.

This unique fact makes this type of blood O have a smaller risk to cause reactions to blood transfusions.

Hence, a person with blood type O Rhesus negative can donate his blood to everyone with all types of blood.

Blood type O also got the predicate of universal blood donor.

It is quite special, because only the blood type O can, while other types of blood groups such as A, B, and AB can not.

In fact, almost all blood banks and hospitals around the world ask for and keep the blood type O supplies especially with more negative rhesus.

Well. If you are eligible, you can start practicing to be a blood donor.

Blood type O can only receive blood from fellow blood type O

Type o blood facts

People with a blood type O with a rhesus positive can receive a good blood from other people who have a blood type O positive or negative. However, people who have a blood type O with Rhesus negative can only accept from the person who is also the blood type O negative.

Blood type O has a lower risk of heart disease

Compared to other blood types such as AB, A and B, people with blood type O have a lower risk of coronary heart disease. In addition, the blood type O has a lower risk of circulatory diseases and cognitive disorders. It is important to remember that a healthy lifestyle is the key to reducing the risk of disease so even if you have a blood type O does not mean that you can have a lifestyle that is haphazard.

Blood type O not prone to blood clotting

Low levels of protein in the blood type O become the own benefit of the owners of this blood type because it means, the risk of blood clotting is also smaller when compared to other blood types.

Blood clotting is a condition that can be life-threatening. Some of the blood clotting symptoms include:

  • Swelling, occurring in areas of the body experiencing such blood clotting, such as legs or hands
  • Pain, occurring when the clotting occurs already in the acute stage
  • Change the color to blue or red in the area of blood clot
  • Respiratory disorders, if the blood clot has reached the area of the lung. Such conditions are also known as pulmonary embolism and should be treated immediately before fatal.

Type O Blood Personality

It is said the blood group plays a big role in determining one’s personality. For example the blood type A is known as a perfectionist person. While the blood type B and AB have different characters. Then what about the blood type O?

The owners of the O blood type usually have some of the same traits. Here are some of them.

  • Simple person
  • Friendly and fun
  • Likes Delaying Work on Tasks
  • Stand alone
  • Patient

Those are the common personality traits of men and women of blood type O. Are you the blood-type O also like that?

Thank you very much for reading Type O Blood Facts, and Personality, hopefully useful.

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