Type b blood
Type B Blood

11 Type B Blood Facts and Personality

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Type B Blood Facts and Personality – Blood type is the result of the genetic inheritance from both parents to the child. Everyone can have different types of blood types determined by the antigen in the body that can trigger the immune system’s response to foreign objects.

The blood type itself is divided into four types, namely A, B, AB, and type O Blood.

A person with this blood type has some particular uniqueness related to character or personality. In addition, you can also find out some of the risks of diseases that can occur. Here are some facts.

Type B Blood Facts

Limit consumption of fatty foods

A person with blood group B is advised to restrict consumption of foods that contain a lot of fat. Meat from beef, chickens, and goats should be avoided for health reasons. Because it is able to cause blood clots that can damage blood flow, causing stroke and other disorders. This disorder is more prone to the owner of this blood type.

Not easy to get sick

Another fact that you can know about Type B blood is that the owner is fairly not easy to get sick. This is because the body endurance is best owned by a person with this blood type, so the cause of interference to the body can be immediately resolved. However, this person is more prone to a sense of stress and depression. It’s good to stay physically active by exercising or on vacation.

Most types of blood group

Blood type B is very valuable because it matches the needs of the world population. However, this blood type belongs to one in 12 people. This means about 8.5 percent of the population has a blood type B positive.

What if blood group B has children?

If the parent’s blood type consists of O and B, the child’s blood type will be either O or B.

If the parent’s blood type consists of O and AB, the child blood type will be either A or B.

If the parent’s blood type consists of A and B, the child’s blood type will be either O, A, B, or AB.

If the parent’s blood type consists of A and AB, the child blood type will either be one of B, or AB.

If the parental blood type consists of B and B, the blood type of the child will be either O or B.

If the parent consists of B and AB, the blood type will be either B, A, or AB.

If the parent’s blood type consists of AB and AB, the child blood type will either be one of B, or AB.

Type B Blood Personality


The owner of blood type B has some strong and positive characters, as is the case on the optimistic side. This person always believes that if any problem occurs, there will be a solution, so it is not too anxious and calm to deal with it. From the love side, a person with blood type B is very optimistic to be happy with his partner.

Love Freedom

Type b blood like freedom

People with blood type B are those who love freedom. They are also quickly bored and don’t like to be silent in one place.

Need attention

B has always needed attention. He is most lazy when ignored by others.

Like to be outspoken

And when he comes to emotions, B can’t hold the words or the words very bluntly.

Easy emotions and anger

Be careful, B includes an easy-to-emotion person and likes to be angry.


B is also hard for shopping because he is very easy to be tempted, and eventually instead buy items that do not need. The Motto of their life is: act first, think later.

Sometimes too excessive

Sometimes in praising or reacting to something is somewhat exaggerated. But this is actually not something made up or in other words indeed its natural nature.

Its nature that does something with its own path or way, is sometimes seen as negative and makes him as isolated from others, because it becomes selfish or “‘ignorant” in the surrounding environment. Although in fact, they do that with the calculation and manifestation of caring around it.

This type is also a person who is moody and often acts without thinking, so the nature of blood type B makes him difficult to understand by people around him.

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