Bilateral foraminal stenosis
Bilateral Foraminal Stenosis

Bilateral Foraminal Stenosis: 6 Causes, Symptom, and Treatment

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The bilateral foraminal stenosis is one the condition when the people have the small opening of the spine and our bone. It can be narrowed or tightening the bone.


The cause Bilateral foraminal stenosis is happening when the space between the spine and bone is narrow. Usually this has happened to the older persons. However, the young people also can suffer it because of some factor like the abnormal condition or get an accident. There are some causes of this disease, they are:

  • The spurs of the bone because of degenerative condition
  • We have already born with narrowing the spine
  • The other diseases, like a skeletal disease and tumor
  • The ligament near our spine is thicken
  • Got scoliosis because of an accident or our bad habit
  • Get injury


Usually this does not show any symptom. However, the narrowing the spine will press the nerve root. It makes the bilateral foraminal stenosis feels uncomfortable condition like:

  • Get back pain or neck pain
  • They get weakness of their leg, arm, and hand
  • The pain from the neck going down to the arm
  • They got a problem related their body balance. Sometimes they have difficulty to walk

Usually this symptom can appear for several days. It can happen to our both sides of spine, but it can be only one side. It will get worse if we do not pay attention to it.

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Some treatments are suitable for bilateral foraminal stenosis. It depends on the condition of the severity. If the condition is not really worse, the doctor only will monitor you for several days. If the condition is getting worse, you will get more treatment.

The moderate bilateral foraminal stenosis

Usually the doctor will ask you to have medication therapy. You can choose one of them or do both of them. If you choose therapy, there will no effect for you.

The bilateral foraminal stenosis therapy can help to strengthen the muscles, stretch the spine, and check your posture.

The severe bilateral foraminal stenosis

If the symptom shows you have a severe case, the doctor will suggest you to have surgery. So the doctor will widen the neutral foramen. The doctor only will do small incision in the right part. They do it through the endoscope.

The procedure of the surgery is laminotomy that used to remove the thicken ligament, bone spurs, and scar. Foraminotomy is the process used to enlarge our foramina. And laminoforaminotomy is used for both of procedure.

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