Combating Depression Naturally

The Causes, and 6 Tips How To Treat Depression Naturally

6 Tips How To Treat Depression Naturally – Depression is an emotional state that can affect the person both physically and psychologically, depending on the degree by which it is happening. Some people suffer momentary depression, either by a problem with the couple, bereavement, financial problems, stress or concerns, among others.

Such depressions are relatively easy to treat and only appear as a crisis occasionally. However, there are people suffering from chronic depression, which can affect their health and impair their quality of life. In this case, depression should be under the control of a specialist because, if untreated, can trigger a bigger problem.

Today depression appears to be a worldwide epidemic and consequently the hectic style of modern life. Luckily, there are several tips and tricks that can help fight depression naturally, not resorting to pills or drugs that can cause dependence.

Causes of depression

Biological change

Depressed people are usually caused by experiencing physical changes in the brain. However, the changes in question cannot be explained for sure.

Instability of chemical reactions in the brain

A study finds chemical substances found in the brain may be instrumental in the occurrence of depression. Changes in brain chemicals will also interfere with mood stability.

Hormonal changes

Changes in the hormonal balance in the body can also trigger the occurrence of stress to depression. These changes can occur during pregnancy, weeks or months after childbirth, due to thyroid problems, menopause, and so forth.

Genetic factors

Depression is prone to people who in her family also have similar problems.

Other causes

In addition to the factors mentioned above, depression can also arise on a similar basis due to other factors such as the following:

  • Low confidence
  • Too dependent on others
  • Often blame themselves until pessimistic.
  • Experiencing traumatic events such as se**xual hara**ssment, physical tor**ture, death or loss of loved ones, difficult relationships with a person, or financial problems.
  • Has a different identity of se**xuality such as les**bian, homose**xual, bise**xual, or transgender.
  • Experiencing other mental disorders, such as anxiety disorders, or eating disorders.
  • Dependence on alco**hol or illegal drugs.
  • Effects of chronic diseases such as cancer, stroke, chronic pain, or heart disease.
  • Taking certain medications, such as taking some hypertension medication or sleeping medication.

Signs and symptoms of depression

  1. Persistent sad, anxious or empty feeling.
  2. Hopelessness and always pessimistic.
  3. A sense of worthlessness, guilt and a sense of helplessness.
  4. Loss of interest or pleasure or hobby or independent previously in love.
  5. Energy is weak, fatigue, becomes sluggish.
  6. Difficulty concentrating, remembering and deciding.
  7. Sleeplessness or insomnia or excessive sleep or hypersomnia.
  8. Hard to eat or greedy feeding (be thin or overweight).
  9. Not calm and irritable.
  10. Frequent headaches or digestive problems such as difficult bowel movements and others.
  11. Think about die or sui**cide.
  12. Sometimes feel heavy on hands and feet.

6 Tips How To Treat Depression Naturally

How To Treat Depression Naturally


The first way How To Treat Depression Naturally is exercise.

Getting regular exercise can become one of the best natural remedies to treat and prevent depression. There are different ways of exercising and anyone you choose will give you multiple benefits: yoga, aerobics, weightlifting, running, swimming.

You should not do strenuous exercise after the first session. Try to start gently and increase over time as the days pass. The idea is to do half an hour of daily exercise and even a little more. If you want to enhance their effects for depression, it is the place where do it outdoors.


The next way How To Treat Depression Naturally is diet.

Diet plays a very important fight and prevents depression crisis paper. If you’re having a hard time, incorporating more vitamin B and calcium in your diet and eliminate foods high in sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Herbal supplements

The next way How To Treat Depression Naturally is taking herbal supplement.

Many types of herbs contain relaxing and soothing properties that can help fight depression. Among the recommended herbs is, for example, St. John’s worth, which is one of the most effective ways to cope with depression. Other herbs and plants that are characterized by their benefits for depression and anxiety are:

  • Passionflower
  • Balm
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Valerian
  • Whole oats
  • Nettle
  • Go outdoors

Fresh air

Contact with nature when you are depressed can function as a therapy to feel better. Ideally, a walk and natural areas walk for at least 30 minutes. You can go out with your dog, walk through a nature park, and go to a river or biking, among other activities outdoors.

Get enough rest

Having a sleep of at least 7 hours, a day without interruptions is another key to beat depression. A good night’s sleep improves your mood, helps you to be more reflective and significantly decreases depression.

Performs activities that will generate pleasure

Not everything in life can work, duties and tasks at home. It is very important to take time for yourself and do activities that generate pleasure. Departure, shopping, sharing with family, hanging out with friends, going to an amusement park, among other activities, can function as a good therapy for depression and stress.

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