Benefits Of Stress On The Body
Benefits of stress on the body

Benefits of stress on the body

Benefits of stress on the body – New research shows that stress is not always feels like paralyzing as often we feel. Researchers at the University of Mannheim in Germany found that changing the ‘ mindset ‘ of your stress can help people get the benefits, rather than harmed by stress in the workplace. See how a group of workers feel through a typical day at work, the researchers found that employees with positive stress mindset may approach their workload in a different way. This means they feel energized and not experience stress and fatigue on the weekends.

But how do they do it?

Dr. Megan Arroll, a leading psychologist at Healthspan, describes a simple way to change your mindset and use stress as a fuel rather than a burden.

Are all stress bad?

‘ Stress ‘ is not new and in fact our body’s stress response is beneficial for us because it makes us wary at the time of danger. Physiological response to stress is the same as when our ancestors hunted and gathered.
At that time, the ‘ fight or flight response ‘ to stress is very important because when facing danger (say, an animal predator like a lion), we need our bodies to be as strong as possible to flee (flight) or counterattack (fight).
In this sense, stress is a good thing-it has helped us survive as a species. Even now in our daily lives, our bodies are very good and fast in the face of difficult situations. For example, when someone is turning in front of your car, your body will immediately turn on its stress response for you to react immediately.

Why stress gets a bad name?

To help us to react quickly and almost unthinkable, neurochemistry, and important hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) will be pumping through the brain and body. The problems we face today are the same cascade of triggered when we face difficult situations at work or family member who needs-and if you think about it, we can find the ‘ pressure ‘ many times in a day.
If we do not overcome this pressure properly, our bodies don’t get the opportunity to reset itself physiologically. This is why constant stress that pushes us beyond our boundaries can be bad for our health.

What is a ‘ stress ‘ mindset?

But it’s not like we can get rid of stress – for many people, life is filled with email attacks and smartphone warnings every day constantly, continuous demand from work, family pressure and other commitments. But we can change the mindset of our stress. Positive stress is a mindset where you see something as stressful as a chance to cuddle because it could give the learning and achievement. This can increase the motivation for the difficult tasks and give you the focus needed to get it done.
The negative stress mindset is when a stressful event or task is seen unpleasant, debilitating and even threatening. Studies at the University of Mannheim saw 171 workers in areas of work such as education, health and social care, and IT to see if this made a difference mindset.

This employee is asked to fill the diary three times a day. In the morning they were asked about the expected workload that day. After work, the diary record whether the workers had taken a constructive step on the day \to cope with the workload. For example, to plan a day’s work, schedule tasks and view the job difficult as learning opportunities.

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