Benefits of carrot juice
Benefits of carrot juice

Benefits of carrot juice

The carrot is a kind of vegetable that is known to have a very strong vitamin A so many people who claim that carrots are very good for eye health. But in fact the meat in carrot has many other vitamins and minerals that are vital to support the health of other organs of the body. Carrot juice is nutritious and useful to prevent a number of health problems. Here are the Benefits of carrot juice

Benefits of carrot juice

  • Stomach cancer.

Carrots contain antioxidants that act as a deterrent to cancer. The study, published in the Journal of Gastric Cancer, the researchers see the effects of the consumption of carrots and a decrease in the risk of stomach cancer by up to 26 percent. However, it is not yet certain how many carrots should we consume to lower the risk of this cancer.

  • Leukemia

A study in the Journal of Medicinal Food showed the researchers the effect of orange juice extract on leukemia cells. As a result, extract the juice causes leukemia cells destroyed itself and stop the cycle of their cell.

  • Breast cancer.

A study highlights the effect of carrot juice at levels of carotenoids, a marker of oxidative stress and inflammation in the blood. Researchers found, higher carotenoid levels in the blood are associated with a decreased risk of someone affected by breast cancer again.  During the study the participants consumed 8 ounces of carrot juice every day for three weeks. As a result, they have a higher carotenoid levels and the degree of oxidative stress.

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Carrot juice is rich in vitamin c. For heavy smo**kers, the risk of COPD lower in those who consume more vitamin C than it consumes very little.

  • Increase the sharpness of vision of the eye.

The benefits of vitamin A in carrot is able to improve eyesight began to blur into a bright again. The retina and cornea will be able to catch the fall light and shade appropriately.

  • Healthy bladder.

Complete nutrition is in the carrot can cleanse the bladder and smoothly dispose of urine.

  • Prevent constipation.

A fairly high content of fibers and is supported by several minerals will be able to balance the body temperature on the anal canal. Able to dilute the impurities normally and launch the digestion and bowel movements without any pain.

  • Preventing a stroke.

Complete nutrition is able to stabilize blood pressure, in order to avoid blockage of blood flow that can trigger the occurrence of stroke attack.

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