Apple cider vinegar foot soak

9 Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak Benefits and How To Make It

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A myriad of activities that we do every day are tiring. No wonder at the end of the day most people are trying to find ways to do relaxation. As for one popular way is Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak.

Vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, is apparently not only beneficial as a cooking spice. Because the vinegar in fact keeps health benefits due to high anti-bacterial and anti-fungal substances.

A study reported finds health benefits when you soak your feet with apple vinegar. Here are the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak.

Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak Benefits

Treating Pain Muscles

Apple cider vinegar contains potassium that helps treat sore leg muscles quickly.

Helps soothe muscles

Apple cider vinegar foot soak benefits

Apple cider vinegar contains potassium that helps to relax muscles. Take half a bucket of water and add one cup of apple cider vinegar. Soak your feet for about 30 minutes.

Eradicate the fungus

Apple cider vinegar contains a natural acidity which is effective in eradicating the fungus.

Helps fight athlete’s foot.

Apple cider vinegar contains natural acidity that helps in eradicates fungus. It is one of the most effective natural remedies for athlete’s foot.

Prevents the growth of nail fungus

Not only prevents the growth of foot fungus, foot soaking with apple vinegar can also avoid the growth of nail fungus. The trick is to soak the feet for 30 minutes and gently scrub your nails.

Moisturizes Dry and cracked feet

Too long in air-conditioned rooms, often bathing with hot water as well as the use of high-sulfactant soaps can make the soles of the feet become dry and finally easily experienced chapped. Aside from being uncomfortable, this condition certainly makes the appearance less okay.

A foot soak in an apple cider vinegar solution can help soften the dry soles of the feet. Don’t forget to brush the foot gently after the soak to get rid of dead skin cells.

Eliminates foot odor

The sweating foot is prone to unpleasant aroma, especially if we do not pay attention to hygiene. This is because the bacteria that are in the leg will break down sweat until it cause a disturbing odor.

Apple cider vinegar can help neutralize the smell of the feet because it contains antibacterials so as to kill the odor-causing bacteria.

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Treating calluses

Dip the cotton in apple cider vinegar and apply to your calluses. Leave overnight, and clean in the morning. Apply a little coconut oil on it. Do this every day until your calluses are lost.

Relieve fatigue

Fatigue in the legs due to walking or standing activities can also be overcome by soaking the foot with apple cider vinegar. Because, apple cider vinegar is the result of fermentation of apples that are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. It is good for overall body health, including relieving fatigue.

How to make Apple Cider Vinegar Soak Feet

It is not difficult to get the benefit from Apple cider vinegar. Provide approximately two teaspoons full of apple cider vinegar, half a gallon of water, and a half cup of Epsom salts. Combine all ingredients and afterwards soak the feet in them. Do it for approximately 20-30 minutes, then lift and dry your feet with a towel.

If you have a dry skin, just soak it with apple cider vinegar. But it is recommended to use cold water to make apple  cider vinegar more visible efficacy. Do not use warm or hot water because it will make the skin drier.

The best time to soak feet in apple vinegar is at night. Make sure all the work is completed so you can enjoy the relaxation calmly. Do not forget to first use moisturizer, and try to wearing the foot socks in the soak. Do it regularly, at least once a week.

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