How To Cure Pinworms
How To Cure Pinworms (Illustration/by erich_gasboy, Brisbane, Queensland/wikimedia)

How To Cure Pinworms

Pinworms (Enterobius vermicularis) is a worm that is shaped like a small bracelet that live in the lower part of the digestive tract. A person exposed to the pinworms’ infection, also known as oxyuriasis. Pinworms infection most often occurs in children, could even affect up to two-thirds of children aged 5-10 years.

The worm, which on average has a body length of 5 to 13 millimeters, usually put its eggs on the folds of skin around the anus at the time the sufferer being asleep.

Pinworms eggs can survive for two weeks. Pinworms eggs at hands of sufferers can move on any object it touches like:

  • Sheets and pillowcases.
  • Towel.
  • Children’s toys.
  • Kitchen appliances.
  • Toothbrush.
  • Home furnishings.
  • The surface of the kitchen or bathroom.

How To Cure Pinworms

The goal of treatment is to cure pinworms and prevent infection. Therefore, all those who live at home with an infected person should also undergo treatment, because the risk of the spread of pinworms infection is very high.

There are many choices of drugs used to cure pinworms as well as in treating other worms, consists of:

Pyrantel pamoate.
How it works is to inhibit cholinesterase, resulting in spastic paralysis in worms. Pinworm medicine is enough for one time (single dose) with doses as follows:
The appropriate dose is calculated based on the weight, which is 10 mg / kg. However, the dose should not exceed 1 g. Note pyrantel pamoate are usually available in tablets of 125 mg and 250 mg, and syrup 250mg / 5ml. Thus, if a child has a weight of 12 kg, then give half a spoon, or a tablet containing 125 mg of pyrantel pamoate. For example, for people with a 50 kg weight, the pinworm medicine is needed is 4 tablets of 125 mg pyrantel pamoate or 2 tablets of 250 mg dosage.

Mebendazole causes worm death selectively and irreversibly blocking uptake of glucose and other nutrients in the intestine where the worms live. It is also a cure pinworms can be used for ad*lts as well as children with the same dose that is 100 mg once drinking, can be repeated 2-3 next week (if necessary).

Albendazole works by inhibiting tubulin polymerization, so the degeneration of cytoplasmic microtubules. Lowering the production of ATP in the worm, causing energy depletion, immobilization, and finally death. It is also a powerful pinworm cure but can only be obtained through prescription. Its use is also disposable with a dose of 400 mg.

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How To Cure Pinworms

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