Quick fatigue causes
Quick fatigue causes

6 Quick fatigue causes

Do you ever feel tired despite having been sleeping or resting enough? At least 1 in 5 people feel very tired at a time between 1 and 10 people experienced it during the prolonged period. The condition can lead to frustrating, especially because we felt it was undergoing “terms” for a fit body, like sleeping enough. However, there are many lifestyle factors that will affect the degree of fatigue in addition to the duration of sleep. The cause of the unusual fatigue also triggered by lifestyle. Here’re Quick fatigue causes.

6 Quick fatigue causes

  • Excess Caffeine consumption.

Even though you feel energized when drink caffeinated drinks, it will work otherwise. Caffeine is a diuretic, which means nature causes you to frequent urination and dehydration. The body lacks this fluid that causes us to sleepy.

Try to eliminate the consumption of caffeine in a month, then you will see an increased level of energy. When you’re always relying on caffeine to feel fitter, begin to gradually reduce it until it stops altogether.

  • Alco**hol consumption.

Not a few people who drank alco**hol before going to bed the night to make sleep more soundly. In fact, you probably can’t really rest. Alco**hol affects the brain as you awake, it also affects the quality of sleep while under the influence of alco**hol. Alco**hol can reduce the amount of REM (rapid eye movement) which is a type of sleep in which the most soundly. In other words, 8 hours of sleep do you get has a low quality.

  • Too busy.

A time-consuming work routine, a busy daily agenda, a stressful job and a busy social life are something most people experience in 2017. This certainly requires sacrifices in the form of shorter breaks. Sometimes we need to learn to say no. This is useful to balance work with personal life, and resist the temptation to say “Yes” to all social invitations.

Take the time to relax and replenish energy is very important to improve your health.

  • Lack of exercise.

This could be a vicious circle because if you feel tired, maybe exercise is the last thing you want to do. However, ignoring the exercise, thus making you more lethargic. The study mentions, active life, even just walking for 15 minutes can make a difference to the fitness level.

  • Excess sugar consumption.

Sugar works the same way as caffeine. Sugar does give a boost of energy, but then causes the energy levels drop drastically. Of course, this will make you more tired. Then, how is the best way to consume sugar to overcome tired quickly? Consume foods that contain little sugar. In this way, you can increase Your energy level and balance.

Keep your energy throughout the day by consuming food that we normally consume every day and healthy snacks every 3 to 4 hours. This way is more effective than we just eat in a large portion, but with a frequency that is rare.

  • Medical reasons.

There are a variety of medical reasons Quick fatigue causes, in addition to lifestyle choices. This includes less active thyroid gland, low iron levels or suffer from anxiety and depression. If you feel your energy level is low because of the reasons above, try a consultation with a doctor. And very important that you read How to cure anxiety?

Thank you very much for reading Quick fatigue causes, hopefully useful.

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