How to cure anxiety?
How to cure anxiety? (Illustration/pixabay)

How to cure anxiety?

A person with anxiety disorder often worries excessively. They can spend hours contemplating the worst case.

About 6 million Americans suffer from panic disorder, a psychiatric condition that causes people to suffer from panic attacks. Women are twice as likely to experience a panic attack it than men.

Breathing techniques can help overcome panic attacks, panic attack is often associated with breathing difficulties. And difficulty breathing are usually made them become more panic.

How to cure anxiety? (Illustration/pixabay)
How To Cure Anxiety? 1

How to cure anxiety?

What to do when you are having anxiety attacks? These are the way to cure it.

  1. Make sure that you are not malnourished, because with enough nutrition, it is likely to recover from a panic attack more quickly.
  2. Breathe the air through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Close your eyes, do not get too dense, then compute the numbers from one to ten. Do it in a quiet manner and slow with a deep breath.
  3. Once you have done if the breath, think of something that distracts you.
  4. Think about the cool atmosphere, about the joy of children, about memories as you really can relax, such as when you’re at a spa and a feeling that makes your body comfortably.
  5. Diverting thoughts into things that are different from your situation before hit by panic attacks. Or if the disorder is not lost, bend down your legs while stooping down to force the flow of blood to the head change while continuing to breathe regularly.

In addition to the above, the way you can treat anxiety in the following ways:

1. Set the sense of Worry in the schedule.
If you’re anxious thinking about certain things, try to delay that thought until a few moments later.

2. Create Anxiety Scale
Take the paper and then write the 0 at the beginning, 50 in the middle, and 100 at the end. Then ask yourself, what’s the worst thing that will happen. Purpose is to make the rating system can find solutions for you and what needs to be done. Or if not too worried, let the matter go.

3. Solve Big Problems Become Small Parts.

4. Dealing With Anxiety.
Anxiety it must be faced. By convincing yourself it the worst will not happen, you will minimize the fear.

5. Forced yourself to calm down
Focus, breathe in, and put your feet on the floor. Try smiling even if you can’t smile. Let tense muscles go and relax for a moment. Don’t follow your emotions.

6. You do not live alone.
Don’t be too anxious because You do not live alone. Anxiety disorder is a mental health condition is the most common. Almost 40 million adults in the U.S. experienced it during his life. The support of friends and family are very helpful.

7. People with Anxiety Need Attention.
Anxiety need serious attention. The reason, according to the Center for Prevention and control of the US, only 25 percent of a person with mental disorders who feel other people understand them.

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