Health benefits of body massage
Health benefits of body massage

7 Health Benefits of Regular Body Massage

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Massage is a technique to give your body relaxation with additional health benefits. There are several ways through which we can perform massage on our bodies. The fundamental purpose for doing massage is to let your body tissues to soften and make them more flexible. Daily body massage is beneficial and has lots of health benefits.

Removal of stress:

Massage is beneficial in removing stress, anxiety, and depression. These are the biggest problems that we are facing nowadays is anxiety. The basic reasons for the increase in anxiety are due to the increase in cholesterol levels; the free sugar level is due to the digestive problems caused because of the intake of unhygienic food. All these daily life issues are the primary source of the increase in stress.

Regular massage helps us to reduce stress to its minimum level. Massage helps us to target those areas such as knees, muscles, and shoulders in our body which the target pressure and cause pain. Massage individually targets these areas and through daily exercise removes stress.

Healthy Skin:

Complete body massages causes our dead skin cells to be removed and helps us to improve our skin complexion. Skin dullness is caused due to free moving under the Sun which can cause your complexion to become much darker while this problem can be solved by massage, less sleep can cause very prominent dark circles under your eyes which is very difficult to remove, but massage can help us erase those dark circles. Dust and humidity can cause dark spots, and through massage, the dark cells under these dark spots can also be removed which in return ends the problem of dark spots.

Improvement of Blood circulation:

Body massage helps us to improve our blood circulation. Due to lack of circulation in a body, many illnesses can attack the body including your hands and feet getting colder, fatigue and achiness. Lack of circulation is caused because to the accumulation of lactic acid in any part of your body, making that part deficient of blood containing oxygen. Daily body massage helps us to get a flow of oxygen-enriched blood and improves the circulation throughout the body.

Beneficial for joints and muscles:

Due to extra exercise, muscles and joints in our body contract making them weaker and less flexible in motion. Regular massage helps us to be more flexible in motion. It strengthens our bones by giving them the basic fluid that they need to work properly. Due to the contraction of bones, they can be injured and damaged. Daily body massage leads the bones smoothly get enlightened which also releases the stress in our muscles and provides enough space between the bones. A very appropriate and helpful way of getting a daily massage at home is through comfortable massage recliner that can provide all the necessary movements for the relaxation of the joints and the body.

Increase in Immunity:

Daily massage even provides us with a better immune system. The immune system is the system of white blood cells, which protects a human body from various diseases and germs. Daily massage helps us to strengthen the white blood cells for better protection in our body. Through daily massage, the germs are removed, and the quantity of white blood cell increases.

Improves Metabolic Rate:

This may not be a direct result of getting a massage. However, regular massages help reduce the cortisol which leads to de-stressed mind and calmness in the body. When there is less stress, the metabolic rate improves, and it helps you lose weight in the long run. There are some acupressure points that are used in Thai massage which help improve the metabolism and overall health of body and mind.

Natural Way to Stabilize Mood:

With regular massage, the muscles in the body and mind get eased up while the stress levels go down. The touch helps you to feel emotionally and physically fulfilled as well and leaves you with a pleasant feeling. It also helps reduce depression and anxiety. Therefore, if you take massage therapy on a regular basis, the negative feelings will escape your body and mind and you will feel much calmer, composed and happy than ever before. If you have a lot of the workload or stress of studies, a massage therapy can help you big time.


I hope the points mentioned above are enough to convince you to get a massage chair at home or an appointment at a spa. Make sure to add it to your routine and take it more frequently for reaping the most benefits.

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