Eating Once A Day
Eating Once A Day

Eating Once A Day, Can Make You Lose Weight?

Are you trying to weight loss? You’ve probably thought of dieting by eating once a day. Yes, this one way diet is well known. However, health experts and nutritionists continue to debate whether to eat only once a day is potent and healthy to lose weight.

Can you lose weight by eating once a day?

Until now, there is no guarantee of eating only once a day is potent to diet. Everyone who tries this diet is reporting different results. Some people claim to be able to lose weight by eating only once a day. However, it also gained weight.

This means the results depend on other factors. For example, whether you are in the day fill your stomach with a snack that is fat and a high calorie or whether you are physically active to burn calories.

A nutritionist from the United States, Serena Marie, RD also explains that eating only once a day can outwit your thoughts. When it’s time to eat, you’ve got food that’s high in carbohydrates, fats, and calories. This is because not eating for hours actually triggers the production of ghrelin hormones that task is arousing appetite.

You may also be mistaken by thinking that it should be possible to consume foods that are high in carbohydrates, fats, and calories. You have not eaten heavy all day. This mistake usually thwarts your diet program.

The impact of eating once a day diet

Eating Once A Day Diet

Although it is called ability to lose weight fast, this type of diet also has risks. Some of the risks you need to beware of diets with diet once a day, among others the taste is very hungry, body limp and so easily wavering, irritable, difficult to concentrate and fatigue.

In addition to the above risks, the study stated that those who eat only once a day have higher blood sugar levels than those who eat three times a day.

That is why, people with diabetes need to eat regularly throughout the day to avoid serious side effects.

A study published in JAMA and involving 100 participants found that intermittent fasting can increase LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), thus risking increasing the rate of heart disease and stroke.

The same study also found that participants who participated in eating once a day diet did not experience more weight loss than those who sought by reducing the number of calories each day. This means that the diet does not give a significant impact on weight loss.

An Eating Once A Day Diet that is predicted can lose weight quickly has a risk to your health. So, better avoid this type of diet if you want to stay healthy, especially for people who have a high level of activity density. Keep in mind, regular exercise and healthy food consumption are still the best way to lose weight.

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The Dangers of Eating Once a Day for Slimming

Like fasting, eating one time a day means you only eat at day or night. It may sound easy for you to be able to do it. However, when meal time arrives, you will consume foods that contain a lot of calories in one meal.

Of course, there is badness of this habit. An empty stomach in a long period of time can cause fatigue, headache, emotion, and hunger. When fasting, you can actually eat the wrong food.

However, this kind of fasting cannot be done by everyone. There are several groups that should avoid diets like this. For example, children, pregnant women or who is trying to get pregnant. As for runners, this kind of diet is very efficient to use the fat as fuel before running.

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According to experts, it would be better if you are fasting for 16 hours or just skip the breakfast time. It can increase growth hormone and help insulin sensitivity as well as fat burning. However, all types of fasting can be done only 1-2 times a week by people who want to diet by fasting.

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