Why does mosquitoes bite you?
Why does mosquitoes bite you?

Why does mosquitoes bite you?

What happens if You are liked by mosquitoes or other insects? And the reality, there are people who tend to be more frequently bitten by mosquitoes than others. Why does mosquitoes bite you?

Why does mosquitoes bite you?

  • Carbon dioxide

According to Professor Leslie Vosshall of Rockefeller University in New York, your body could give you a signal without your knowledge that you are more attractive to mosquitoes bites than others. Human can draw attention to sensory cues through some mosquitoes including body odor emitted from lactic acid, heat, and carbon dioxide in our breath, and mosquitoes can sense the difference to determine which animal or human become a target for them to bite. Mosquitoes may be more interested in a unique body odor.

Jonathan Day, a Professor of medical entomology at the University of Florida in Vero Beach, said that 20 percent of the people get more mosquito bites than the general population, and the people who produce more carbon dioxide, such as pregnant women are more attractive to mosquitoes.

  • Hot temperatures and sweat.

The scent of perspiration from your body into one of the allure to mosquitoes. They could smell the lactic acid, ammonia and other residue compounds contained in Your sweat.

  • The color of your clothing

Other than the smell, the color of your clothing also plays a role in attracting mosquitoes to bite you. If you often use black, red, or light blue outfits, you are more attractive to mosquitoes because they are better able to see your shadow and make you as their targets.

  • Blood type.

People with type O blood group had a bigger chance of being bitten by mosquitoes. This blood group person two times more susceptible mosquitoes than people with blood type A. As for blood group B people reside in them.

  • Cholesterol and steroids.

People who have high levels of cholesterol and steroids in their skins tend to be more frequently bitten by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes generally will follow someone who produces a lot of cholesterol in the skin.

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