Function of phospholipids
Function of Phospholipids

Function of Phospholipids in our Body and in some Factors

Our body is made of thousands cells. The protection of the cell is done by phospholipids. So, what is phospholipid and what is the function of phospholipids?

Definition of phospholipids

Phospholipids is also known as phospatide. It has important roles in the living things cells. Phospholipids is one type of lipid molecules. It is used as the main component of the cell membrane. Each of the phospholipids consists of phosphate, two or three fatty acids, and glycerol molecules. The phospholipids will form the cell membrane. And then they will help to protect the cell.

Structure of phospholipids

Phospholipids are builded of two fatty acids that attach to glycerol. And then, the glycerol will attach to the phosphate group. So, it is one unity that made of phospholipids and cannot be separated. Phospholipids consist of two parts, hydrophilic as the head and hydrophobic as the tail.

Function of Phospholipids

Phospholipids are the membrane components. It is semi-permeable. It means that only some certain molecules which can pass through the phospholipids. Not all molecules can easily enter and exit the cell. There function of phospholipids is listed below:

1. Phospholipids in our body

  • The main function of phospholipids is helping the cell to keep their working. It will protect the cell to work properly. Phospholipids can maintain the structure of the cell from the environment. So, it will not affected by the condition of the environment. It is called homeostasis.
  • Phospholipids can be used as the energy sources. When the phospholipids are broken down it changes their function and become the energy sources.
  • The phospholipids that split into small molecules help to regulate the cells activity. They are the production of proteins and the migration of the cells.
  • Phospholipids can help to lubricate cell in the lungs and joints.

2. Phospholipids in Pharmaceutical

In pharmaceutical, the function of phospholipids is a part of drug. It helps the delivery system of the drugs so our body will easily absorb the drug. The example of phospholipids as part of the drug is valium.

3. Phospholipids in Food Industry

The function of phospholipids in food industry is emulsifier. Emulsifier is the mixture of substance consists of oil and water. For example is egg yolk. It is usually used in mayonnaise. The egg yolk will help it not separate. Phospholipids also can be found in several high concentrations of plants like soybean, corn, and cotton seeds.

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