Delivery Methods
Delivery Methods

5 Delivery Methods That Pregnant Women Need to Know

The birth process is a moment that every pregnant woman looks forward to. Every mother certainly wants a memorable birth process, especially if this is her first birth. Therefore, it is important for pregnant women to know the various types of delivery methods. Knowing the various types of childbirth is important so that pregnant women can prepare for childbirth well.

This is because the level of worry and anxiety of pregnant women will increase before delivery. So, what birth methods should pregnant women know? The following is the explanation.

Various delivery methods that you need to know

Vagi**nal Delivery

Vagi**nal delivery is one of the most common types of normal delivery. In medical terms, vagi**nal delivery is also called vagi**nal delivery. The reason may be that pregnant women are not assisted by epidural anesthesia or painkillers. If you want to choose the time and date of birth, pregnant women are not advised to choose this delivery methods.

This is because vagi**nal delivery usually occurs after 40 weeks of gestation. With this method of delivery, the mother can recover more quickly after giving birth, and the chances of infection are lower than other methods.

Natural Labor

Natural delivery or called normal delivery is the most popular method used by pregnant women. In this method, no special medical procedures or therapies are performed. However, various exercises and positions need to be performed by the mother during pregnancy.

Usually, the midwife will accompany and ensure the movement or position that needs to be done. This method can be done at home or in a hospital with the help of an obstetrician and a midwife. One type of natural birth is a water birth or giving birth in a swimming pool.

Childbirth in water is the most natural type of labor and causes the least pain compared to other types of childbirth.

Forceps Delivery

Forceps delivery is a method of delivery that is rarely used. Because, forceps delivery can only be done when vagi**nal delivery has problems or complications. For example, if the baby fails to come out completely through the vagi**na because the mother is tired, she is unable to push for longer. In this method, the doctor will use specially made pliers-like clamps, and gently insert them through the vagi**na.

Then, the forceps gently clamp the baby’s head and pull it out of the vagi**na. Caesarean section Caesarean section is performed when the mother does not allow natural or vagi**nal delivery, such as breech baby position, the baby’s weight is too large, and multiple pregnancies. In this method, the doctor will surgically open the mother’s abdomen to remove the baby.

Vacuum Extraction

The vacuum extraction method is similar to forceps delivery. However, in this method the doctor uses a special vacuum that is inserted through the vagi**na to pull the baby out.

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