Way to wind down after a workout

14 Way To Wind Down After A Workout

Way To Wind Down After A Workout – Fatigue makes us want to stop the exercise immediately and get some rest. However, we are not encouraged to abruptly stop exercising activities for granted.

Because, this condition can cause lactic acid in the body to become excess.

Lactic acid will overload if there is too much CO2 and muscle activity, which can cause muscle pain.

To prevent excess lactic acid, we can perform cooling movements.

Way To Wind Down After A Workout


After a hard workout, don’t forget to stretch, which is the quickest way to recover muscle.

Eat Enough

Eat enough is one Way To Wind Down After A Workout.

Lack of nutrient intake is one of the main causes that makes you tired while exercising. Carbohydrates are essential to support your physical activity. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat foods that contain high carbohydrates. According to the University of Texas, carbohydrates serve to provide energy and endurance as well as regulate glucose levels in the body.

Eat healthy food

After losing enough energy due to exercise, we need to refuel again so that the body can recover, repair tissues, be stronger, and be ready for the next workout. Choose foods with high protein content and complex carbohydrates.


Glucose is the body’s main energy source. Exercise activities will encourage you to use a lot of glycogen in the body. The lack of glycogen will cause the body to feel weak, so it needs to be chosen more observantly.

One way to recover it is to consume carbohydrates 30 minutes after exercise, so that glucose will be refilled and fatigue can be avoided.

Omega 3 and Water Consumption

Foods containing omega-3s can reduce levels of inflammation after exercise.

In addition, water is also very important to replace the liquid lost during exercise.

Protein Consumption

Protein is very well consumed before exercise.

Protein after exercise is useful in ensuring the body has enough fuel to help with muscle damage.

Warm Bath

Tense muscles can relax when we take a warm shower. Moreover, when sprinkled with salt first before watering into the body.

Lemongrass Soap

Way to wind down after a workout - lemongrass soap
14 Way To Wind Down After A Workout 2

Bathing with lemongrass soap is also a ‘remedy’ for relieving sores. It also gives a relaxing effect through its soothing lemongrass aroma.

Bath Scrub

If you want a more “hit” effect, use a bath scrub as an alternative to soap. In addition to cleaning sweat and water, the granules of bath scrub that we rub into the body can be a kind of therapy to relieve a sore.

An ice bath

It is useful to relieve fatigue and soreness in the muscles as well as to prevent injury.

Rest and relax

Make the most of your time to recover to prevent pain and injury.

Rest time is also one of the most important elements of your workout routine. It functions, to prevent muscles from burning and restore your energy levels in order to perform better in the next training session.

In addition to taking a vacation from exercise activities, sleep is also very difficult to recover from post-workout fatigue. Make sure your sleep patterns are maintained, with about 7-9 hours each night to help your muscles relax and regenerate.

Smearing the Body with Olive Oil

In addition, you can also apply olive oil on a sick body while massaged to relax it. You can do it before bed to make the benefits more pronounced. When massaging, you can do it in a top-to-bottom direction with a right emphasis on certain points. To get a warm sensation, you can also add Eucalyptus oil and combine it. After that, you can cover your body with a blanket and sleep rough.


Massage is useful to improve blood circulation and make us completely relax.

Beetroot juice.

Experts reveal if the nutrients contained in beet-root fruit are very good at relaxing muscles in the body. This nutrient is also good to make the mind fresher so that the body will be easier to feel comfortable and fit again.

Scientists conducting research at the University of Northumbria found that people who regularly consume beetroot juice after exercise, they will be quicker to get back fit. They can also enjoy the exercise very well.

Routine consumption of beetroot juice for three days increases endurance. It also helps strengthen muscles and restore fitness after melting exercise or doing other heavy lifting.

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