Types Of Cancer In Men
Types of Cancer in Men

6 Most Common Types of Cancer in Men

Men seem to be healthier than women, but they are more likely to develop certain cancers than women. Here are some Types of Cancer in Men:

Most Common Types of Cancer in Men

Lung cancer

The majority of lung cancer patients are men, because the main cause of lung cancer is smoking, the number of smokers still outstrips women.

Lung cancer is also related to polluted air, dust in the working environment, men are exposed to this environment more as well as some bad living habits, irregular work and rest, Overwork can lead to lung cancer.

Liver Cancer

Men should maintain the habit of regular health checkups, drink less alcohol, it is best to give up alco**hol, do not eat moldy foods, try to avoid the driving force of liver cancer in life.

Urinary system tumor

Bladder cancer is the most common cancer of the urinary system in men. Urologists recommend that men over the age of 50 have a prostate cancer-specific antigen test every year.

In addition, early-stage bladder cancer will have painless hematuria, which can be diagnosed by B ultrasound and cystoscopy.

Mouth cancer

The causes of oral cancer include smo**king, drinking alco**hol, chewing betel nut, etc. Many young men are often exposed to these cancer-causing factors, so they are very susceptible to oral cancer.

Men are 10 times more likely to get the disease than women. Beware of mouth sores that don’t heal for 2 weeks, pay attention to timely medical examination and treatment is a very important sign of oral cancer.

Stomach cancer

Many men smo**ke, drink alco**hol, on the other hand, men lack the protection of estrogen, so they are often at risk of stomach cancer compared to women.

To prevent stomach cancer, you should first follow a light diet on weekdays, quit smo**king and limit alco**hol, don’t eat spicy, eat less smoked and preserved foods.

Rectal cancer

Compared with women, men eat more protein-rich foods, high in fat is one of the important factors leading to rectal cancer. Eating plenty of fiber-rich foods and ensuring a balanced diet can help prevent rectal cancer.

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