Type 3 diabetes
Type 3 Diabetes

Type 3 Diabetes: Definition, Causes, Risk Factors, 3 Symptoms, and Treatment

So far most people only know the condition of type 1 and 2 diabetes. But there is also a condition of type 3 diabetes. What are the causes and symptoms? See more below.


If type 1 diabetes is caused by heredity and type 2 diabetes arises due to lifestyle, type 3 diabetes can be interpreted as a combination of the two and is associated with brain function. According to research, the combination of pancreatic inability to produce insulin (type 1) and the condition of the body that no longer responds to insulin (type 2), can cause heart disease, blindness, amputation, until death.

Type 3 diabetes is often associated with Alzheimer’s disease, a type of dementia that is often experienced by the elderly.

Based on a 2012 study conducted by dr. Suzanne de la Monte from the United States, she managed to identify that people with Alzheimer’s disease also experience insulin resistance in the brain. As we know, the cause of diabetes is a deficiency or decrease in insulin performance.

In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas is unable to produce insulin. Meanwhile, in type 2 diabetes, although the pancreas produces insulin, the amount is insufficient or insulin resistance occurs so that blood sugar accumulates in the blood.

Low insulin levels in the brain will decrease the performance and regeneration of brain cells, and over a long time will trigger Alzheimer’s disease. This is why Alzheimer’s is often called type 3 diabetes. A separate study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania also found that people with a history of diabetes, remain at risk of developing Alzheimer’s, due to a significant increase in blood sugar in the brain.

Type 3 Diabetes Causes

Unfortunately, there are no health experts who are not sure about the cause of type 3 diabetes. Because there’s very little research on it.

Type 3 Diabetes Risk factors

Meanwhile, some of the risk factors that can give rise to type 3 diabetes are obese. So the ideal weight needs to be maintained in order to ward off type 3 diabetes and other types.

Type 3 Diabetes Symptoms

Because it is a new phenomenon in the human body, the symptoms of type 3 diabetes have not been studied further. As for the little research that has been done found that type 3 diabetes is more common in women than men, and weight loss tends to play an important role in causing it.

The most common symptoms of type 3 diabetes include:

  • Increased heart rate and spike in blood sugar levels.
  • Common symptoms found in Alzheimer’s are also found in this type 3 diabetes. These include memory loss, confusion and dementia. That’s why researchers believe that Alzheimer’s disease can also be type 3 diabetes.
  • Craves carbohydrates and sugars.

Type 3 Diabetes Treatment

To treat type 3 diabetes, there are several options that you can do, including:


Natural remedies for type 3 diabetes include traditional treatments, especially concerning a healthy lifestyle that involves proper diet and physical activity.

Frequent exercise is one of the most important factors for relieving or reducing the symptoms of diabetes. Obesity contributes significantly to unwanted blood sugar levels, and a sound exercise schedule can also ensure that BMI (body mass index) remains at the correct level.

Exercising doesn’t need to be intense. Just going for a walk for half an hour and a few times each week is much better than doing nothing.

Healthy Diet

A sensible diet plan is an important part of how to control blood sugar levels and manage type 3 diabetes. Roll out your fiber intake by consuming ingredients such as nuts, seeds and vegetables. Chromium intake should be increased as well. Chromium helps the body’s glucose tolerance and strengthens the ability of insulin to process sugars. Limit animal fat and meat consumption.

Carbohydrates affect blood sugar levels significantly. Limit the consumption of carbohydrates by eliminating foods such as bread, cereals and some types of fruit. Sugar should also be avoided.

Try to read every food label you buy, as it may be a large amount of sugar contained in your favorite foods.


Bioenergetics are based on quantum physics theory and advanced molecular biology. This bio-energetic, seeks to treat the less visible and most basic causes of diabetes.

Bioenergetics assume everyone has both a physical body and an energy body. The energy body is believed to emit intelligence and different energy fields of the physical body. Trillions of cells are estimated to communicate together in the body through energy vibrations. The disease is thought to be triggered by a sufficient level of energy communication at a certain frequency between cells.

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