Toujeo Vs Lantus
Toujeo vs Lantus

Toujeo Vs Lantus Product: 7 Distinctive Factors You Might Not Know

Which one is better, toujeo vs lantus? For diabetic, a regular intake of insulin is necessary. And, those two brands, Toujeo and Lantus, are the most popular one. As for the answer to that question, here we will try to find and compare these two to find which one is a better choice for your condition. So, let’s start!

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Distinctive Factors You Might Not Know of Toujeo vs Lantus Product

The Users

The first clear difference of insulin toujeo vs lantus is the user that can use these two products. For Toujeo, this product can only be approved for the user at the age of 18 years or older. This is the reason why many adults like to use this product.

As for Lantus, this product can be applied to users with the age of at least 6 years or older. So, we can see it from the user age that Lantus has widely age range. That makes it become a good alternative, in case you or someone that you know has the diabetes problem and need the extra insulin intake.

The Diabetes Type

The next point of our toujeo vs lantus comparison is the diabetes type that it can deal with. Both of them, fortunately, can be used for dealing with diabetes type 1 and type 2. So, if you have either of those types, you won’t have any problem to choose between these two brands. They are good at dealing with your problem.

The Product Forms

As we all know, the insulin product for managing diabetes commonly are available in two different forms. They are the disposable pen and vial form. Each of them has own advantages. So, the most important thing here is choosing the forms that you like and you feel comfortable when you use it. 

Now, as for toujeo vs lantus, both of them have different forms to provide. For Toujeo, they only provide the disposable pen type. On the other hand, Lantus provides both forms, which is a disposable pen and vial.

If you prefer the vial, you may choose the Lantus over Toujeo. But, as we mentioned above, the disposable pen and vial forms mostly have a similar effect. The thing that makes them different is the comfort when you use it.

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Speaking about toujeo vs lantus dosing, we have found a big difference between those two. Toujeo dosage seems much higher than Lantus. In one package of Toujeo, you will get 300 units per millimeter. However, Lantus only hold 100 units per millimeter. 

It doesn’t mean that you will get more insulin if you take Toujeo. The high dosage on the Toujeo product can be seen that it has a higher concentration of insulin in its package. Therefore, if you see the amount of insulin liquid on both product disposable pens, you can see that the Toujeo product has a fewer amount of insulin. It means that with that fewer amount, but with high concentration, you will get an almost similar effect to the Lantus product.

However, you must consult your doctor to find out the right dosage for you. In some cases, people who need more insulin, take the fewer amount of Toujeo product than Lantus. It is just the pen in Toujeo product can hold more insulin than Lantus. 

Product Shelf-Life

Product shelf-life means how this product can survive and still in good condition to use after you open the package. This is an important factor to consider because you can use this number to calculate how much product you need to buy and match it with the dosage your doctor recommends you to take. It doesn’t only provide the correct dosage. But, you also can save money here.

The product shelf-life of toujeo insulin vs lantus is quite different. For Toujeo, it can last for 42 days after you open it. As for Lantus, it can only last for 28 days after opening. This data can only work if you keep both products at room temperature.

So, if there is a change of temperature, such as your room was exposed by weather from outside your house or your temperature control at your home has some problem, it can shorten the life of both products. You need to pay attention to this external factor.

Side Effects

Both products have similar side effects according to the toujeo vs lantus study that you might get. For example, after you take it regularly, you might experience a side effect as follows:

  • Gain some weight, 
  • Swelling on your arms or legs,  
  • The area where you injected the insulin will lose some of the fat, which can change its volume or even shape,
  • Inflammation, itching, and reddening in the injection area.

However, there is different and maybe the main side effect you will get from each product. Toujeo user has less risk to get hypoglycemia.

As for Lantus users, they are less likely to get an upper respiratory infection. It means toujeo vs lantus in terms of side effect is still quite dangerous without proper care. So, make sure you talk to your doctor to find which product that gives you less risk and side effect.

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The Cost

Now, let’s talk about the most important matter, the prices of toujeo vs lantus. At many online pharmacies, we can see that Lantus is more expensive than Toujeo. You can get five disposable pens of Lantus with a price of around $420.

As for Toujeo, you can get three disposable pens for $389. These dosages are similar. So, if we see it from the price and the same dosage it can give, it is a clear result that Lantus is much cheaper than Toujeo.

Toujeo vs Lantus Video Review


If we have to choose, we would choose the Lantus product. Even though it has a shorter shelf-life, but the amount of vial we can get when we purchase it is enough to keep our glucose fast last longer. However, it is all depending on your doctor’s prescription. Your doctor knows which one is the best for you between toujeo vs lantus.

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