Things That Can Damage The Skin
Things that can damage the skin

Things that can damage the skin

Things that can damage the skin – Do not smoke, do not forget to use sunscreen, just a dab of common message was blasted out while talking to prevent aging of the skin. But there is the unconscious, in spite of it all, the use of super expensive moisturizer though will have no effect if these daily bad habits are still done. Here are the Things that can damage the skin.

Things that can damage the skin

Sleep with cotton pillowcases.

Have you ever awakened from a deep sleep with a pillow folds on your skin. This habit is one of the things that aggravate the skin condition.
A lot of people sleep with a pillow stuck to the face, which can result in facial lines or wrinkles. It is recommended using a pillowcase made of silk.


Work 24 hours in seven days might make your boss was impressed, but of course it’s not good for health. When doing a lot of work at the same time, the body will be more stressed out than just focus on one area. Chronic stress can affect the skin, particularly of aging. Stress can trigger an increase in inflammation in the skin. Inflammatory mediators could be damaging collagen and connective tissue, may affect the epidermis layer of rejuvenation.

Excessive use of air conditioning or heating.

Things That Can Damage The Skin - Excessive Use Of Air Conditioning Or Heating
Excessive Use Of Air Conditioning Or Heating Is One Of Things That Can Damage The Skin

Excessive use of air-conditioning or heating system makes the skin dry, make fine lines and wrinkles are more clearly visible. If it is forced to always be in the air-conditioned room or with the heater. It is recommended that you use a moisturizer, night cream, drinking enough water and consider putting a humidifier in your room.

Reduce your consumption of fat.

Indeed, not all fat is bad. Good fats thus help the skin look more radiant. Like omega-3 from fish that are very good for the skin. While derived from plants such as Chia seeds, ahiflower, quite the opposite. Omega-3 from that plant material make the skin wrinkles and saggy.

Spray the perfume on the neck.

We grow by looking at the parent, grandmother’s spraying perfume to the neck, the wrist. Whereas it is highly not recommended.
Alco**hol in the perfume is very dry and can be a problem if sprayed directly brought to the bottom of the blazing sun that triggers the Poikiloderma of Civatte skin diseases. The perfume could contribute to skin conditions. For example, some of the material will react in sunlight, creating molecules toxic to the skin. To that end, it is recommended that you spray the perfume on parts of the clothing (avoid silk), hair, down the arm.

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