Symptoms of kleptomania
Symptoms of kleptomania

Symptoms of kleptomania that may not be realized

Maybe you’ve met sufferers of kleptomania in the environment, or instead You ever become a victim? Kleptomania is a condition that makes the sufferer happy to take possession of another person. Hence, what are the symptoms of kleptomania are usually indicated by the sufferer?

The various symptoms of kleptomania.

Causes of kleptomania is not known for certain, but allegedly due to changes in brain chemicals, called neurotransmitters. For more details, here are some symptoms of kleptomania.

1. Not able to resist the urge to steal.

Unlike normal people in general, sufferers of kleptomania as always, gets a strong urge to take things belonging to other people. However, in contrast to a thief, stealing is done because want an item but can’t afford to buy it. Instead, kleptomania isn’t actually too requires such items, even usually have money to buy it on its own. It’s just that their difficulties, withstand the desire not to take such items.

2. Feel satisfied after stealing

Before performing the action, usually patients with kleptomania will fear and anxious if the later is seen by others. Unfortunately, this did not last long because they will still take the target item. The items taken are really not very useful, so that later will only be stored, donated, or returned to its original place silently. But certainly, it is not to be used for personal interests.

3. Occur spontaneously.

Kleptomania episodes is usually coming up with unexpected and without careful planning. This means that the kleptomania sufferer can do action anywhere, even in public places. This is because the urge to steal can appear anywhere the sufferer is, without getting to know the place. The culprit can run the action alone without the need of cooperation or help from others.

4. The urge to steal always return

Kleptomania can be likened to recurrent disease. The sufferer may already get the item they want, but it does not cover the possibility of the urge to steal it would come back again later. Though sometimes, such encouragement came with a different intensity, can be in a weak level of even very strong and difficult to arrest.

5. Not done for want of vengeance.

Again, kleptomania can do action anywhere without being familiar with the place and time. What they did was not merely wanting to throw anger or take revenge with others. But only to channel the craving that arises from within them.

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