Ice pick headaches
Ice Pick Headaches

3 Ice Pick Headaches Treatment

Headaches that often occur suddenly and feel like a punch or an icebreaker stabbing your head are known as ice pick headaches. Maybe some people feel shocked because headaches like this have a name or designation. The difference between Ice Pick Headaches and other headaches is the length of time the pain is felt.

Ice Pick Headaches only last a minute and even less. Though brief, Ice Pick Headaches cause excruciating and disturbing pain. You cannot predict when Ice Pick Headaches will come because you can feel when you are on the move, before going to sleep, getting up from sleep to standing waiting for the bus.

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Here are 3 Ice Pick Headaches Treatment so you can reduce the pain you feel.

Ice Pick Headaches Treatment

Healthy Lifestyle

The first treatment is to change your lifestyle that was previously very unhealthy to be good slowly. You can do many things, such as starting a light exercise every morning. Getting up early and starting your day feeling happy can make the atmosphere and your body feel good. Always being happy is one of the keys to living longer. Reducing activities in front of the screen that can make you tired is also a healthy lifestyle that can be tried.

Changing your diet can also help you live a healthy life. Start breakfast with green fruits or vegetables so that you can stay strong through the day until noon. Try to eat regularly so that your body always receives feedback promptly. By eating healthy foods. Of course, your body will become fitter so it is not prone to disease. Many do not realize that a healthy lifestyle is a perfect start to be healthy in the long term.

Using Essential Oils

Essential oil for headache is one of the things that must be present at home. Essential oils can also be used as Ice Pick Headaches Treatment. Ice Pick Headaches Treatment is very well known for its properties to treat headaches. Besides making the atmosphere calm. Ice Pick Headaches will also be relieved if you use essential oils such as the aroma of menthol or peppermint. You can apply essential oils directly on your head with a light massage.

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However, nowadays, many have used diffuser water as a way to calm down. Put some essential oils when you feel the pain in your head does not subside. Even though it looks impossible, this method is quite effective in making your head calm and if done regularly can prevent Ice Pick Headaches from coming.

If you are a person who likes to soak while bathing, you can also use essential oils by dropping them into the bathtub. After that, you will feel relaxed for a long time.


Ice pick headaches treatment

Medication is a last resort if you feel this is happening more often. However, if it gets worse, you should visit a doctor to avoid whether it is an ice pick headaches aneurysm or an ice pick headache tumor. Several drugs can be used as a list to relieve this pain, even though they cannot be one hundred percent.

Medicines that reduce pain can be used as a treatment for ice pick headaches. Of course, you have to go to the pharmacy and ask for the right recommendations. Some people will try the alternative way, such as acupuncture and some of the traditional way.

One way to avoid this disease is to find out the cause. Of course, there must be a reason why ice pick headaches happen to you. Whether after eating something or doing something else. This will help you to heal the ice pick headaches because you already know the consequences you feel after doing this.

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