How to stay consistent with exercise
How to stay consistent with exercise

How to stay consistent with exercise

How to stay consistent with exercise? How regularly do you exercise? Maybe not many people can answer this question conclusively. Density of daily activities often becomes reasons. Whereas, the consistency in the exercise is very important. Exercises must be routine and consistent. Don’t be this week, next week, three times the week before him not at all. Don’t do this week once, next week three times, not the next week.

When exercise is done consistently and continuously, the body’s ability will increase. So that the more days, the training burden faced can be heavier. When we do weight lifting, the more we practice, the load weights that can be lifted more heavier. If it’s not consistent, will affect the ability of our breath and our body feels heavy.

The types of exercises that we were chosen not to be a problem. We can even mix various types of exercises in a week. For example, today is cardio, tomorrow is basketball, the next day is swimming, it doesn’t matter because each has benefits.

How to stay consistent with exercise?

How to stay consistent with exercise? Here’s a few tricks that can be done.

  • Short exercise

One of the things that make us difficult to consistently keep the exercise schedule is because believes that the exercise needs to be done for 1 hour or more. In fact, the sport does not need to be too long. For high intensity exercise (HIIT), for example, is actually only done 10-15 minutes. This time, enough to keep the body in shape. The most important thing is to maintain the short duration of exercise is running efficiently.

  • Starting from small things.

When making a commitment, start from small things. For example, exercise twice a week. If feel comfortable with such a routine, try to equip it with a menu of healthy food and reducing the intake of unhealthy foods. Such as stop consuming soda and reduce sugar intake. Small steps will take you to long term success.

  • Committed for 30 days.

Another way to maintain consistency of the exercise is to start with a 30-day commitment. Please select the days you want to exercise. Instill in yourselves to the strict schedule for 30 days. Remember, do not tolerate yourselves with certain reasons that make the consistency of your exercise disturbed. In the last days of the commitment, you will feel your body stronger and more excitement. In addition, your narrow clothes also might be used again.

At that point, chances are you also do not want to stop exercising. If it reaches that point, the sign you successfully build a routine exercise.

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  • Make it as a ritual.

When exercise becomes your daily ritual, then you will do it automatically and that habit will be embedded in the mind. Mind and body also will consider it a necessity. Just like the habit of brushing your teeth and wash your face before going to bed. Because, while not familiar with the exercise routine, you tend to still tolerate the reason for routine exercise, such as tired, sick, busy, and more. You can get started by including exercise into the daily routine. For example, a short exercise between breakfast times.

  • Schedule.

If it is still difficult to build consistency in exercise, another trick is to make the schedules for exercises. This should arise naturally when you have scheduled yourselves to other activities. So, if you want to exercise three times a week, but difficult to comply because the daily busyness, try looking at the calendar or any other medium you use to record the schedules. Allocate time for absolute and non-negotiable exercise. This habit will tend to make you comply and making exercise as one of living habits.

Thank you very much for reading How to stay consistent with exercise, hopefully useful.

How to stay consistent with exercise

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