Signs of dementia
Signs of dementia

5 Signs of Dementia: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Dementia or a decrease in brain function, one of which was marked by a decrease in memory can not be considered trivial. Because the disease is not only a physical attack, but also psychological, both sufferers and the closest approach.

Certainly no one prepared to face if parents start often forgetting, even can not remember us as a family. But the fact is, most dementia is not detected early on. So many sufferers go into a more serious stage when it is known until too late for treatment. Therefore, it is important to know the early signs of dementia, especially with those closest to the sufferer or even the sufferers themselves. Here are the early signs of dementia could be an early reference to the start of treatment.

Signs of dementia

Start having trouble arranging financing and given a schedule to pay the bill.

Not because there is no money, but rather falls apart in dividing the budget or forget to pay the bill. If you start experiencing this often, it’s a good start to consult a doctor.

Often miss a doctor’s appointment or other appointments.

Appointments with doctors are certainly important to keep. But later began frequently missed it accidentally. If the only important thing already started easily forgetting, then this is a serious sign.

Important documents that forget to be read and scattered at home.

Signs of dementia - scattered at home
Important documents that forget to be read and scattered at home is one of Signs of dementia

There is an invitation letter whose plastic has not been opened, bills are not checked and still sealed neatly, and others. If starting to realize something like this happens, immediately ask for help.

Declining hygiene levels and also how to dress which begins less groomed.

The house began to appear rarely cleaned, body odor begins to smell. Not to miss, how to dress that started accidentally messing, as a sign of lack of awareness for wrapping themselves. If these signs appear, do not hesitate to consult with experts.

The more often experience confusion and forget about the discussions.

Ever feel, discussing the same thing repeatedly, felt has not said anything yet others believe the opposite, and others. This could be an early sign of dementia who can no longer be considered trivial. Asking for help is the best help.

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