Proper Hand Washing Time
Proper Hand Washing Time

7 Proper Hand Washing Time

Proper Hand Washing Time – Hand washing is the main pillar to prevent infection from entering by hand, because the hand is a source of direct or indirect germ transmission. Dirty hands can cause infections and lead to diseases of the body, such as diarrhea and influenza.

Habit of washing hands with soap or hand sanitizer

Generally, people wash their hands by using flowing water and soap usually it takes 40 to 60 seconds. However, if you wash your hands using an antiseptic fluid such as a hand sanitizer, it is done 20 to 30 seconds.

Hand wash by using hand wash or running water is done for a hand condition that looks dirty, while if the hand does not look dirty, but not sure the hand is clean then it can wash your hands with handrub or using an antiseptic liquid.

Similarly, with the use of hand sanitizer, if in children, it is necessary to monitor and guidance from parents so that the fluid does not splash into the eye. Because hand sanitizer liquid contains alco**hol that is one of B3 ingredients. But the use of alco**hol on hand sanitizer is not dangerous, because the alco**hol content contained below 70% so it is safe to use.

There are many dangers if you don’t wash your hands, because germs on your hands can get into the body and cause diseases like diarrhea. As if visiting a patient in a hospital without washing hands before, it will automatically transmit the germs to the sick person.

And vice versa. If you do not wash your hands after visiting the hospital, then the germs will be carried away and transmit the disease.

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Proper Hand Washing Time

Before eating

Maintaining the body’s defense system is important in preventing the transmission of the virus. The consumption of healthy foods is one way to maintain the body’s defense system.

Before touching the food, make sure the hands are always clean. Because, hands are a part of the body that is often directly affected by interactions. Such interactions may be interactions directly with others or objects. So germs, bacteria, and viruses can easily stick to the hand.

After urination / Defecation

The next Proper Hand Washing Time is after using the toilet.

Urination and defecation are the sign that the metabolism of the body has worked well. One of the signs of the body’s metabolism is with the disposal of leftover foods are already useless. As a result, the body recognizes the rest of the food as toxins that need to be removed from the body.

After the process of urination and defecation, of course the hand will help to clean the part of the body that serves to produce the result of the excretion. Wash hands cleanly after urination and defecation. This is done to avoid the transfer of body fluids, bacteria, germs and viruses that exist in the results of excretion on the objects around you.

After coughs and sneezes are covered with tissues or palms

When coughs and sneezes are covered with tissues or palms, you should immediately wash your hands so that our hands are kept clean and avoid particles of coughing and sneezing.

Before and after preparing food

Proper Hand Washing Time - Before And After Preparing Food
7 Proper Hand Washing Time 2

Before and after preparing food, this is especially important for you before cooking the food.

After handling animal droppings or clearing animal dung

After handling animal droppings or clearing animal dung, because we do not know what bacteria are transmitted by animals to us.

When the hand looks dirty

When the hand looks dirty or it is uncomfortable with the condition of the hand immediately wash hands.

After using gadgets or other electronic objects

Mobile phones, computer keyboards, TV remotes, and similar objects that often change hands or used interchangeably are good places for germs and bacteria to nest and multiply. Well, so you do not get infected with the disease because of the thing, do not forget to wash your hands after using it.

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