How to cure a hemorrhoid
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How To Cure A Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids often disappear on its own within a few days, but there are many treatments for alleviating itching and discomfort that arises. Making simple dietary changes and do not strain during defecation, usually recommended by doctors as initial treatment.

How To Cure A Hemorrhoid

Sometimes it takes a more invasive treatment. This treatment depends on the location of hemorrhoids. If hemorrhoids are above, below, or on the dentate line. The dentate line is the boundary line on the wall of the anal canal that separates the area able to feel the pain. Handling without surgery on hemorrhoids would be very painful if hemorrhoid grows at or below the line, because the nerves in the area were able to detect pain. If this happens, hemorrhoid surgery would be well advised to do.

If hemorrhoids caused by constipation, you should make an effort in order to make the stool soft and you could defecate on a regular basis. The goal so you don’t strain when defecation. To do that, you can increase your intake of fiber in Your food menu. Some good sources of fiber are bread from whole-grains, cereals, fruits, and vegetables.

You should also drink plenty of water and avoid the consumption of caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, and soda.

Medications that can be bought freely.
A wide range of creams, ointments, and suppositories medication is available at drug stores  without requiring a prescription. The suppository is a type of medicine that is inserted directly into the anus. Similar medicines can be used to relieve swelling or discomfort is felt.

Do not use the drugs over more than one week, unless the doctors who recommend it. These products can cause side effects such as rashes and inflammation. Any kind of treatment should be combined with a good diet and remain introspective. There is no evidence of a treatment which is more effective. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about the product that suits you.

Don’t forget to read the guidelines for each drug before using or consuming. It is not advisable to use more than one medicinal products simultaneously.

Using a corticosteroid cream.
If you experience inflammation in or around the anus, the doctor will suggest the use of corticosteroid creams. Do not use this cream more than seven consecutive days. These creams can make the skin around the anus is thinning and worsen irritation.

Pain relief medication.
Paracetamol as one of the pain reliever can help relieve the pain of hemorrhoids. Avoid similar pain reliever drug like codeine. This medicine can cause and worsen constipation. Products containing local anesthetic may also be advised by doctors to treat hemorrhoids. For example, topical treatment which can be purchased directly, and should only be used a few days. The drug can make the skin is more sensitive. These drugs could help some people who experience a very painful hemorrhoid. Ask a doctor before taking these drugs.

The use of laxatives.
If you are experiencing constipation, doctors will prescribe laxative or purgative. This type of treatment will help streamline the process of defecation.

Handling Hemorrhoids without surgery.
If dietary changes and treatment not results, doctors will refer to a specialist. A specialist can ascertain whether you suffer from hemorrhoids and suggest a proper handling.

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