Physical Fitness Definition
Physical Fitness Definition

Physical Fitness Definition, Elements, and 12 Benefits

Physical education is an integral part of education in general.

Physical fitness is the key to real health and endurance. If you look at the sense of physical fitness, this fitness is an activity that does not involve excessive fatigue.

According to experts, the physical fitness definition focuses on daily activities that do not make a person feel very tired. Physical fitness is part of the effort to enjoy leisure time and increase daily productivity.

Understanding the physical fitness definition will make the practice not wrong to do. Rely on strength, muscle power, balance, speed, accuracy, and much more. For its benefits, it will greatly impact on the quality of life that is carried out.

Here are the definition of physical fitness, its elements, and benefits from various sources,

Physical Fitness Definition

Physical fitness is the ability of the body to make adjustments to the physical burden given to it (from work done daily) without causing excessive fatigue.

Everyone needs good physical fitness in order to carry out their work effectively and efficiently without experiencing fatigue.

The degree of physical fitness of a person greatly determines his physical ability in carrying out his daily tasks.

The higher the degree of physical fitness of a person, the higher the ability to work physically.

Besides being useful to improve physical fitness, physical condition, training is the main program in coaching students to excel in a sport.

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Physical fitness elements

Meanwhile, elements of physical fitness are strength, endurance of the muscles, heart, and lungs, agility, explosiveness (power), and flexibility. It can be trained by doing circuit training, interval training, calisthenics, jogging, and aerobics.

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Benefits of Physical Fitness

From the Physical Fitness Definition, one will get some things when done regularly and within a sufficient period of time

Avoid various diseases

Regular physical fitness exercises can keep a person from disease. With physical fitness exercises, you can make the heart work more actively. Exercise makes blood circulation from the heart to the whole body more smoothly.

If you do this activity regularly, the endurance and work of the heart are getting better so that eventually your heart is healthy and avoids all kinds of risks, such as heart failure, coronary heart disease, to stroke.

In addition to heart disease, hypertension can attack a person with low physical fitness qualities.

Preventing diabetes

Practicing physical fitness regularly can be useful to inhibit the rate of diabetes. Jogging for 30 to 45 minutes is much better to prevent diabetes than taking medication,

Reduces LDL

Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) is an evil fat that is in the body. Well, doing physical fitness by walking or jogging along 24 to 32 km per week can reduce LDL.

Make the body ideal and prevent obesity.

Physical fitness exercises that are carried out continuously can burn calories in the body. Many people do sports because they want to have a beautiful body and are much obese.

By exercising, the fat accumulated under the skin burns along with the calories used during exercise. The condition can make the body look more ideal.

One of the causes of obesity, namely lack of body activity and too much fat hoarding. That is why physical fitness exercises are indispensable.

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Increase energy

Doing exercise regularly can make sleep better and avoid stress. This will help the energy in the body increase.

Other benefits

  • Maintain and improve the level of good physical freshness
  • Make corrections to attitude and motion errors
  • Forming attitudes and gestures
  • Establish the physical condition (muscle strength, agility, endurance, flexibility, and speed)
  • Establish various psychiatric attitudes (form courage, trust, and self-readiness, as well as the ability to cooperate)
  • Provide benefits for body growth, especially for children
  • Cultivate a sense of responsibility for the health of yourself and society.

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