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6 Best Fitness App: Exercise Without Go To The Gym

Best Fitness App: Exercise Without Go To The Gym – Exercise has many benefits for the body. Such as increasing endurance, losing weight, making the body fresher as well as energized, increasing the body’s metabolism and many other benefits.

The gym is one of the options for working out, especially for office workers. In addition, other cheaper exercise alternatives, for example, jogging and aerobics.

Unfortunately, sometimes in the midst of a hectic daily routine, sports activities become neglected. Whereas rarely exercise, it’s a lot of disadvantages.

As a result, if rarely exercise, among others, prone to disease, uncontrolled weight, become easily limp and many other disadvantages. Therefore, exercise is important to do at least 3 times a week.

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Well, instead of just stretching and jogging around the house, it is better to point to the following rows of best fitness applications. Guaranteed to make you exercise, even without sports equipment:

Best Fitness App

Fitness Buddy

The first best fitness app is Fitness Buddy. This app created by Azumio, Inc. provides over 300 fitness exercise programs with a mix of descriptions, movement details, animated props.

When the app is first opened, you’ll be directed to the overview tab, which displays the practice calendar. Because, here you can see any training schedule, which you will do every day.

In addition, the Fitness Buddy App also has several other menus, such as exercises. If you are interested in this fitness app, you can download it for free on the Play Store or App Store.

Google Fit

Google Fit is one of the best and popular fitness apps for Android users. Google Fit is an exercise and fitness tracker app developed by Google. It uses sensors in a user or mobile activity tracker to record fitness activities. This will mark the speed, route, altitude, etc. And shows real-time statistics from your running, walking and horse riding events.

You can also set various goals for your steps, time, distance, and calorie burning. This workout app is perfect for home workouts and has total integration with WearOS. In addition, this activity tracker app can also sync and import data from other fitness monitoring apps.

30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout At Home

This app has features including your training progress will be recorded automatically, you will also be reminded every day to exercise, there is a complete training guide in the form of videos, your training will also be improved step by step, you will also be given a challenge for 30 days namely abs, full body, butt, and lastly you can also share to your social media account.

You can get this app on Android Play Store and the iPhone in the Apps Store.

Calorie Counter – Myfitnesspal

Best Fitness App - Calorie Counter - Myfitnesspal
6 Best Fitness App: Exercise Without Go To The Gym 2

This app is almost the same as other apps, but the feature that distinguishes you is that you can code the food you eat that will later be calculated how many calories, in addition you can input the manual of the food you eat such as one rice cake and two fried foods or essentially everything you eat today and so on must be input into this application.

In addition, you can also get healthy food recipes and also reminders of drinking mineral water. You can get this app on Android Play Store and the iPhone in the Apps Store.

Nike Training Club

There are 100 types of physical movements with different purposes that can be emulated. Not only training, users can also build a community of fellow runners in this app. Inside the app will also see a timeline filled with tips from Nike’s preferred sports experts.

Users can also take photos and edit them before they are shared on social media. The training program at the Nike Training Club can also be integrated with the Nike+ Running app resulting in varied training recommendations.

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