Exercises to lose weight fast
Exercises To Lose Weight Fast

9 Exercises To Lose Weight Fast

There is a wide range of workout options that quickly lose weight. However, there are a number of rules you need to follow to get maximum results. Let’s see the explanation Exercises To Lose Weight Fast in this article.

Some exercise can help to lose weight rapidly as it accelerates the body’s metabolic process. Because with rapid metabolism, the number of calories burned will also be more and more, so that weight loss will be easier to obtain.

Exercises To Lose Weight Fast

Exercise is the best way to lose weight, especially if you compensate for it with proper diet. There are a variety of choices for exercises to lose weight fast, including:


Kettle bells are a weight lifting sport. This is a physical exercise that has 2 benefits at once. That offers cardio exercises and body strength. Calories burned are aerobic calories (an activity that can be sustained for a long time) and anaerobic exercises (activities that cannot be sustained for a long time). Cardio exercises can build muscle. In order to make this exercise fun is to make the exercises in groups using weights.

Weight training

It serves to lose weight by burning calories during and after workouts. In addition, weight training can also help you build muscle mass, which increases your metabolic rate by burning your body’s calorie count at rest.


Running is one of Exercises To Lose Weight Fast. At least, in the duration of 30 minutes, 240 – 355 calories can be burned. But with a note, you have to run with a tall lifted knee.


For those of you who have joint disorders, swimming can be the right exercise option to help you lose weight. Swimming for 30 minutes is able to burn about 200 – 300 calories. Swimming is also one of the fun sports options that can improve muscle strength, as well as improve the health of the lungs and heart.


Exercises to lose weight fast - cycling

Excellent for everyone with varying levels of fitness. It can be done outdoors by bicycle or indoors with a static bike. Cycling is often associated with a variety of health benefits, including increased insulin sensitivity and reduced risk of certain chronic diseases.

If you want to work out in the house, cycling using static bicycles is a good choice. The 30-minute pedaling movement is able to burn around 210 – 310 calories. However, you need to paddle a static bike pedal at medium or fast speeds.


Walking is a kind of exercise that is good for beginners because it can be done anywhere, without the need for equipment, and provides minimal pressure on the joints. Try to put more walking into your daily activities. From the simple thing, try walking to the supermarket near the house rather than using motorcycles or bicycles.

Jump rope

Sport jumping rope or commonly called Skipping is one of the easiest for you to do. Not having to go outdoors, this skipping can be done in the house or even the garden area. Although it looks simple, it also effectively burns calories and it can lose weight well.


Jogging is the most demanding. Besides this sport is very simple to do, jogging also provides many benefits for the body. One of them is effective in losing weight in a fast time. For maximum results, do this exercise regularly, at least 3 times a week with a duration of 30-60 minutes.


Aerobics is able to burn 800 calories per hour. This exercise is the best choice for weight loss programs. The Target of the aerobic is shaping the legs, hips, and thigh muscles. Forming in some parts of the body is a dream target of many women. You can do this one hour a day in two sessions. Significant results can be seen in just two weeks.

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