Negative effects of technology on mental health
Negative effects of technology on mental health

Negative effects of technology on mental health

Advances in technology bring benefits to some of the last generation. It’s just that something positive could bring negative things when it is excessive. Researchers have found some mental disorders caused by the increasing use of the internet and human technology. Here’s some type of mental disorder, Negative effects of technology on mental health.

Negative effects of technology on mental health

  • Selfitis.

According to a new paper titled “An Exploratory Study of ‘ Selfitis ‘ and the Development of the Selfitis Behaviour Scale published in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction by researcher Janarthana Balakrishnan (Thiagarajar School of Management) and Mark DGriffiths (Nottingham Trent University), find a set of factors that encourage people to selfie in obsessive and rate them on a scale of selfitis behavior.

Of these, 25.5 percent are chronic, 40.5 percent acute and 34 percent is average. Selfitis in men having higher levels than women (57.5 percent to 42.5 percent). Younger people in the age group 16-20 years found vulnerable exposed to selfitis. Nine percent of the participants selfie more than eight times per day, with 25 percent to upload at least three selfie photo in social media.

  • Phantom Ringing Syndrome.

Have you ever found a cell phone vibrating in your pocket but nothing happens? It was a phantom ringing syndrome. It is characterized as hallucinations due to the tactical brains feel sensations that are not there. According to Dr. Larry Rosen, 70 percent of mobile users experienced phantom ringing syndrome.

  • The Google Effect.

Most conversations at social gatherings started with, ‘ I am Googling a few days ago ‘. It shows how important Google in human life. The accident happened is customize the human mind to store less information because he knew that all the answers are just a few clicks away. Research shows unlimited information access causes the human brain the less informed.

  • Nomophobia.

Nomophobia is the irrational fear in life without a cell phone or can’t use cell phones for several reasons, such as a slight pulse, loss of signal. This term stands for no-mobile phobia which was first created by the research organisation in the United Kingdom.

A decade-long research found 53 percent of mobile phone users feel anxious when they can not use their phones. Half of the users never shut their phones. If you find yourself always wary of such notification or relentlessly reaching cell phone in intervals that often, it’s time do digital Detox.

  • Cyberchondria.

Cyberchondria is a tendency to believe that all you have in yourself after reading online. Call it a hoax, misinformation or laziness, excessive reaction. In some cases cause anxiety because many new medical information out there without the proper context.

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