Acid reflux diet menu
Acid Reflux Diet Menu

6 Acid Reflux Diet Menu + Video

Acid Reflux Diet Menu – Ulcer disease with gastric acid is often considered the same, even though both are different. It cannot be underestimated, the diseases that also attack many workers and people who are vulnerable to the stress can be dangerous when not handled well, could even potentially death.

Gastric acid disease is different from stomach ulcers. The diseases that also have the term gastroestophageal reflux is a condition of the gastric acid rise to the esophagus and can cause bitter taste and give rise to pain in the liver. This symptom is often regarded as a heart attack and arises due to the malfunction of the valve that exists at the tip of the stomach.

Choosing food for gastric acid sufferers is sometimes quite confusing. The reason, if wrong to choose food, the production of gastric acid can increase and worsening complaints caused by gastric acid suffered.

Examples of foods that can be triggered the rise of stomach acid are chocolate, high-fatty foods, spicy foods, fruit acids, tomatoes, onions, and garlic. Check out the following information, to find out the good Acid Reflux Diet Menu choices.

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Acid Reflux Diet Menu

Here are some types of food that suitable for patients with gastric acid, to prevent acid reflux and overcome symptoms caused by this disease:


Patients with gastric acid need foods that are rich in fiber to cope with symptoms of gastric acid disease. This is because the fibers contained in the food can absorb gastric acid, thereby alleviating the symptoms of stomach acid reflux. In addition, oatmeal is not only rich in fiber but it can also make you full longer.

Almond Milk.

Almond milk is one of the best solutions to overcome an excess gastric acid. Almond milk has a base content (the opposite of acid) that can help to combat gastric acid.


Consuming fermented foods that are rich in probiotics helps increase the presence of good bacteria. “Food with healthy bacteria can help improve digestion and reduce the frequency of gastric acid,” said nutritionist, Lisa Hugh.

Aloe Vera Juice.

Acid reflux diet menu - aloe vera juice

Besides being good for skin and hair, Aloe Vera turns also can help soothe the digestive tract. According to research from the Journal of Science and environmental health, drinking Aloe Vera juice regularly can help prevent acid reflux, as it can reduce inflammation.

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This fruit is  very familiar because it is almost easily found anywhere. This favorite fruit in the Middle East region has a number of great efficacy behind its sweet taste. There are a number of nutrients such as fiber and antioxidants that can help increase energy in the body.

For those of you who are dieting, palm fruit is also well consumed because although it tastes legit, this fruit is free of cholesterol and contains only a little fat. The amino acid content contained in palm fruit is also believed to help improve the digestive system.

Dates are supplemented with iron as much as 11 percent, potassium 16 percent, calcium, manganese, magnesium, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 as well as proteins. The content of fructose in the fruit is also quite high, about 29 milligrams that tend to increase blood sugar. You can consume dates directly in the form of fruit or dried.


Honey can fight bacteria. Hospitals and clinics sometimes apply honey to burns and other open wounds. Not only fighting bacteria on the skin, honey can also conquer H. Pylori.

Researchers from New Zealand have tested honey derived from Manuka flowers on stomach acid-causing bacteria. They found the honey hitting the breeding of bacteria.

Dosage recommendation: Because research on honey is still new, so the specific dose has not yet been determined. But try to eat one tablespoon of natural honey in the morning and evening to soothe your stomach.

Since H. Pylori bacteria breeding for a long time, make sure you keep taking honey for a while after the stomach acid symptoms is gone.

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Acid Reflux Diet Menu Video

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