Kids Playing Soccer
Kids Playing Soccer

13 Benefits of Kids Playing Soccer

Benefits of Kids Playing Soccer – Children and teenagers are currently considered not quite active as they spend more time indoors, including playing computer, playing video game, watching television, etc. This is considered to lead to a more lethargic lifestyle in our next generation.

While soccer is the most popular game, the sport is played by millions of millions of boys and even girls from the ages of 6 to 18 years across the world.

If your child is healthy and strong, then he is free to do all sports activities. Almost all sports or physical activities can develop good mobility skills for children.

If your child is really a hobby playing soccer, You deserves to be proud because this sport has many benefits for him, such as adding physical skills and making the child able to coordinate with the team on a regular basis.

Benefits of Kids Playing Soccer

Physically, soccer as well as physical sports for children are exhausting. No wonder that sports always involve speed, retarding, jump, spin, turn, pass, and also kicks the ball.

Not only that, there are some benefits of Kids Playing Soccer, namely:

  • ABCs or Agility, Balance, and Coordination capabilities.
  • Jump, run fast, and Dodge
  • Train your child to take decisions
  • Keep your child healthy and fit
  • Working with a team
  • Improve gross motor skills
  • Make him more confident
  • Increases concentration and focus
  • Involve work ethics and responsibilities
  • Competition creates motivation and encouragement
  • A healthy brain
  • Making friends
  • Improving the mood of a child

Keep your child healthy and fit

Two important criteria a soccer player should have is to be healthy and agile. The game requires kids to run faster to chase the ball on a fairly large field. This activity builds the durability and speed of the child.

Dribble and insert balls into the opponent’s goal can train agility and a sense of cooperation with others. Training bones and muscles to be strong is the health benefits that your child can get from active sports like soccer.

Increases concentration and focus

Playing soccer is able to improve concentration in children.

Participating in this kind of activity makes mental skills in children increasingly sharp.

This includes training the child to think critically,, learning and judging something good.

Therefore, by playing ball, the child can further improve their concentration and learning ability.

A healthy brain.

Although a lot of moves in this game is the legs, but the brain also trained. Not only because of heading the ball..

In soccer games, players are required to move quickly, run there, run here, estimate the distance of the ball toith the goal, and various other strategies. Well, this is what causes the brain to work, so that it becomes healthier.

Making friends.

Soccer is a team sport, one team filled with 11 people. As such, there is an interaction in it, each person strategizing together, giving one another spirit when losing or winning.

Football also teaches us sportsmanship, which is accepting all advantages and disadvantages as well as the outcome of every effort.

Improving the mood of a child

The kids’ world is amazing. We all want our children to always be happy, active and cheerful.

Playing ball can give them the perfect opportunity to engage in satisfactory challenges, so that the mental strength of the child can also increase.

Football equipment that must be prepared

Here is some gear that You should prepare before the child starts his first ball workout.

  • Shoes
  • Shin Pads and Socks
  • Uniform
  • Ball


Football shoes, sometimes referred to as cleats, are one of the most important components of the child’s football equipment.

Depending on the surface of the field that the child will play, it will need a certain type of cleats at the bottom of his shoes.

If the child plays on a hard surface, longer, the wedge-shaped cleats are the best.

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