How To Cure A Fever In Infants?
How to cure a fever in infants? (Ilustrasi/pixabay)

How to cure a fever?

A fever occurs when a person’s body temperature reached 37.5 ° c or more, and can be caused by viral or bacterial infection, dehydration, mosquito bites, or an allergic reaction to something.

Fever in infants.

Fever is a common ailment experienced by infants. Though the disease is not serious and normal case, you still need to know the proper way to cure a fever in infants. This also keeps the baby suffered no complications of other diseases that can make things worse.

Fever in infants is actually a way to fight infection in the body. Body temperature tends to be hot to fight germs that get into the body.

The fever usually occurs in infants because of the bacteria invade throat as well as the viruses that cause the flu.

How to cure a fever in infants?

How to cure a fever in infants? (Ilustrasi/pixabay)
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Drug fever in infants should not be given without a prescription or a doctor’s referral. Medications containing ibuprofen are safe for infants over 6 months of age. However, prescription medication is still needed in order to function properly and no negative impact on the health of the baby.

In addition to the drugs, making the baby to be comfortable is also important. You can bathe a baby with warm water to help lower the body temperature.

If he/she started to shiver or feel cold, preferably immediately took him/her to a warmer place. Choose clothes that are not too thick. A blanket or jacket that is too thick should be avoided. Choose a thin blanket to cover the baby.

While overcoming a fever in infants, you need to give him/her breast milk. Fever can make babies dehydrated and tired. Then it is important for the mother to give breast milk and liquid enough for your child to stay healthy.

Fever in Children.

How to cure a fever in children? (Image/pixabay)
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How to cure a fever in children?

Keep your child in order to remain properly hydrated.

The fever led to an increase in metabolic rate that causes the body to lose fluids quickly. Give your child plenty of liquids such as water, soup, broth, even the fruit that was destroyed to avoid potential dehydration. Avoid beverages containing caffeine.

Make sure your child is not wearing clothes which make him/her overheats.

Encourage the child to rest and sleep.

When active, the body produces more heat so the fever is difficult to come down. Rest allows the body to fight infection.

Give herbal tea.

Elderflower types of herbal tea will make him sweat more quickly so that the body temperature quickly down. Peppermint tea can also reduce fever.


Tamarind can be cool and prevent or reduce fever (antipyretic). Give your child tamarind juice to help reduce fever. In addition, you can also make a tea with Tamarind and use on children’s bathtub, soaking in the tamarind water will help reduce fever.

Ginger tea.

Ginger tea is very helpful to the child if he/she was feeling cold and having hands and feet are cold. Ginger will trigger the secretion of sweat when the fever, so very helpful in controlling him/her fever.

Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is anti inflammation and can help reduce a fever from an infection.

Raw Garlic.

Give your child raw garlic to eat, or if the child’s difficulty eating them raw, you can give the garlic capsules which dissolve in water or supnya. Garlic has antibacterial properties and anti virus that can help lower fever.

Echinacea and Goldenseal.

Echinacea and Goldenseal can fight infection and boost immunity.

In addition, you need to be aware of other signs that makes your child in danger. For example a fever accompanied by a stiff neck, headaches, recurrent vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and rashes.

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