How to stop sweating
How To Stop Sweating

8 Causes and How To Stop Sweating

The Causes and How To Stop Sweating – Sweating is a natural process of the body to help regulate temperature during exercise or hot weather.

Sweat emerges from the skin surface to remove excess heat and helps to cool the body.

But there are also people who excessive sweating. This condition is called hyperhidrosis. This excess sweat can occur in the hands, armpits, face, or other parts of the body.

It usually starts in childhood or adolescence. Suspected genetic factors are a cause. About 70 percent of those seeking treatment has close relatives who suffer from excessive sweating. Sweat can also be related by emotions, such as when anxious.

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Causes Sweating

Heat and humidity

Sweating is one way of cooling your body. When air temperature rises, millions of small sweat glands in your skin are activated and sweat through your skin pores. When your sweat is evaporated, your body temperature will decrease. The remaining sweat on your skin will keep your skin moist and wet, especially when the humidity is high, which makes the sweat evaporate slower.

Sports or heavy activities

Exercising enhances the heating system in your body. As you move your hands and feet, your body temperature increases. Sweating is one way your body secretes excessive heat.

Other causes:

  • Emotional Change.
  • Eat hot and spicy food.
  • Sick.
  • Consuming nico**tine.
  • Pregnancy and Menopause.
  • Drugs.

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How To Stop Sweating

Here are the ways, how to stop sweating:

Apply antiperspirants before bedtime

Antiperspirant works by blocking the sweat channels so that the sweat cannot reach the surface of our skin. Sweat is still produced by the gland, but it cannot reach the surface.

Deodorants do not prevent sweating, but instead aim to mask the odor produced by bacteria when we sweat. Sometimes antiperspirants contain deodorants. The majority of antiperspirants that you can buy at the pharmacy consist of a metal salt called aluminium chloride.

For the best results of your antiperspirants, make sure your armpits are clean and dry, then apply at night before bedtime. This is because the herb takes time to make blocks on top of the sweat channels and most people less sweating, or not at all, at night.

It may not work immediately, but adhere to this routine for a few nights and you must achieve the desired results. 

Once the antiperspirants start to apply, it can be applied as needed.

Exercise in a cold room

Exercise in a cold room so you don’t sweat too much. If you prefer to work out outdoors, then do it in the morning or evening when the weather is not too hot. Remember that sweating makes you lose body fluids. Therefore, drink plenty of plain water before, during, and after you exercise.

Keep clean and wear comfortable clothes that absorbs sweat.

How to stop sweating by wear comfortable cloth

Wear clothes that are easy to absorb sweat like cotton, avoid nylon and polyester. Choose a comfortable one on the body and avoid tight clothes.

Keep the body temperature low

Keep the body temperature low, so as not to sweat a lot, by drinking a lot of water, using air conditioning or a fan, shower with cold water.

Reduce stress

Reduce stress, because stress can trigger the activity of excessive sweating so it also causes odor to the armpits.

Taking Vitamin B

Consumption of vitamin B to reduce stress. B vitamins can keep hormones organized and can maintain stress.

During this time, vitamin B plays an important role in the nervous system that regulates stress.

Consuming magnesium

When we sweat, then we lose a lot of electrolytes so it requires a lot of magnesium.

Consume magnesium to replace the missing electrolyte due to sweat. Magnesium in mineral form becomes an important element to calm the nerves.

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Other ways:

  • Avoid certain foods.
  • Keep calm.
  • See a doctor.
  • Treatment.

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