How to eat dry fruits
How to eat dry fruits

How to eat dry fruits

How to eat dry fruits – Dried fruit can be a practical and tasty snack. One of the disadvantages is dried fruit that looks less fresh. Hence, whether this food so unhealthy? Don’t underestimate dried fruit. Just like fresh fruit, dried fruit also contains vitamins are antioxidants.

But, because the water levels are small, the content in it is much more solid, including the content of the fibers. Although it is good for the body, but it may cause cramping and bloating, especially if we are unaccustomed to eat them in large quantities.

One needs to be wary of dried fruit is a higher sugar content. Therefore, this fruit also has more calories. In fact, a fruit that does not have a sweet taste if dried will contain sugars that are not always easy to digest in large numbers.

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Moreover, dried fruit typically contain sulfite or preservative substances that may cause diarrhea and headaches in some people. But, if taken properly dried fruit becomes a healthy choice than less nutritious snacks.

As an alternative, if we love the snacks in the form of chips, try to bake or freeze the thinly sliced fruit to get a tasty crunchy taste. We could also cultivate fruits by giving additional seasonings, such as processing mangoes to pickles.

Then, how to eat dry fruits properly? Here’s how to eat dried fruit exactly.

How to eat dry fruits

  • Drinking water.

The fiber in dried fruit helps to smooth digestion. But, when the body is dehydrated, fiber also absorbs all the liquid, resulting in constipation. Therefore, we should also be drinking enough water while consume dried fruit.

  • Adjust servings.

Use a plastic bag or container to divide the fruit into several portions that make it easy for us to consume it. Divide into two sections of the fruit which has large pieces, such as apricot, mango and pear. In the meantime, we can divide into two tablespoons of fruit with smaller pieces such as Cranberry.

  • Add protein.

Dried fruit that we make the snacks will be felt more filling when we add them with protein or fat sources, such as nuts or yogurt. So, we tend not to consume more sugar.

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