How To Sleep With A Stuffy Nose
How To Sleep With A Stuffy Nose

How To Sleep With A Stuffy Nose in 5 Ways

How To Sleep With A Stuffy Nose and How to help a child sleep with a stuffy nose – Flu or a cold is one of the conditions that is one of the causes of nasal congestion. Besides flu, patients with sinusitis also often experience nasal congestion that is very disturbing. Yes, nasal congestion often makes the sufferer become difficult to breathe with relief.

This will make your activity disrupted as the breathing work becomes unstable. One of the activities that makes you feel uncomfortable with this stuffy nose is during sleep. Yes, you will not be able to sleep soundly when your nose is clogged.

Well, here we have summarized from various sources, some of the ways that can be done to keep your sleep good even if the nose is blocked.

How To Sleep With A Stuffy Nose

Here are the ways How To Sleep With A Stuffy Nose:

Drinking lots of water

Nasal mucus that is sticky and thick can be stuck in your nasal cavity, so the airway is blocked. To overcome this, you just have to drink plenty of water all day, whether you’re taking medication, after a meal, or whenever you feel you need a drink.

No need to worry about frequent urination or flatulence. Because, when your nose is blocked, consumption of a lot of fluids can help melt mucus in the nasal cavity so that your breathing will be smooth too.

While sleeping, position your head higher

You can smooth a clogged nasal tract because of the snot during the colds for a good night’s sleep by positioning your head higher than the body.

Therefore, you should sleep using one thick pillow, or stack some thin pillows to make your head position even higher. Avoid sleeping with a flat or straight head and body position, which instead makes your nasal tract clogged.

Wash your nose with salt water

Besides being able to relieve nasal congestion, this method can also eliminate viruses and bacteria that are inside the nose.

You can make a saltwater solution at home.

The ingredients are three teaspoons of salt and one teaspoon of baking soda.

Mix the two ingredients well, and store them in an airtight container.

  • To make the solution, take one teaspoon of the mixture and insert it into 230 ml of warm water.
  • Fill this solution into the syringe.
  • Lean to the sink while tilting your head.
  • Pour this solution into one of the nostrils.
  • Allow it until the solution flows out of the other nostrils.
  • During this process, you can breathe using your mouth.

Drink warm drinks

How To Sleep With A Stuffy Nose - Drink Warm Drinks

Warm drinks such as tea, ginger tea, and warm milk turned out to be able to make the mucus that settlers on the nose become more dilute so that it can be removed easily.

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Hot Steam inhales

If you drink warm drinks are not effective, you can relieve nasal congestion by breathing in the warm water vapor. The way is quite easy. You simply pour warm water and eucalyptus oil into the container, then breathe it until your nose feels relieved.

Inhaling warm steam can also make your body more relax, you know. So, your sleep will be even more restful.

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How to help a child sleep with a stuffy nose?

Children like us are often getting a cold. If it has colds, surely our activity becomes uncomfortable due to the watery nose (runny nose).

Moreover, when we have a cold there is certainly a time when the nose is blocked and we are so hard to breathe.

Towards bedtime, nasal congestion will make us uncomfortable. Usually, we sleep so troubled and often waking up because it is difficult to breathe.

Who often experiences it?

Well, we’d like to share tips how to help a child sleep with a stuffy nose.

  • Drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Position the head higher.
  • Use the Humidifiers.
  • Make your room as comfortable as possible.

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Thank you very much for reading How To Sleep With A Stuffy Nose and How to help a child sleep with a stuffy nose , hopefully useful.

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