How to cure gout naturally
How To Cure Gout Naturally

How To Cure Gout Naturally

How To Cure Gout Naturally? Have you ever suddenly experienced pain in the joints, especially on the part of the thumb that is accompanied with swelling? If ever, maybe you have been attacked by gout. This disease appears to be caused due to the crystallization of sodium uric both inside or outside of the joints. Gout is only one of two hundred types of inflammation of the joints that often attack humans.

Gout is a disease of inflammation that caused high levels of uric acid in the body, so the levels of uric acid that accumulates. Although relatively harmless, but often complained of gout because of the pain. For example, pain in the joints of a finger, elbow, and knee that feels very sore and burning, especially at night. It is a complaint that often appear. Although the causes of gout varies, but most uric acid caused errors in the selection of food. For example, eating food with high levels of purine like red meat, sardines, shrimp, spinach, cauliflower, tofu, and tempeh.

Usually the gout will appear for three to ten days, with the peak pain ranging from six to twenty-four days after gout began to relapse. After three to ten days later, the gout is usually disappears by itself. Although it looks healed, but the gout can relapse at any time without any symptoms.

How To Cure Gout Naturally

To ease the symptoms of gout that appears, you can use ice cubes by way of attaching at the joints are sore. In addition, you can also consume pain reliever drugs such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). But if never reduced the pain, drugs like colchicine or corticosteroids are sometimes also required.

Treating gout cannot only be done through a doctor’s treatment, you can also use some natural materials to cure this disease. As for how to cure gout naturally include:

Alkaline Food consumption.

In a book titled “Alkalinize or Die,” Dr. Theodore said that with diligently consumes alkaline foods (fruits, vegetables, seeds, etc.) then it would be very effective to help lower gout. Gout in the body is basically processed through the kidneys, this alkaline foods help dissolve gout and then remove it in the form of urine.

Consumption of berry juice.

The berry fruit has a fairly concentrated acid compound. This acid is able to balance the existing levels of gout in the blood and urine. In addition, it also contains potassium and nutrients that can help alleviate pain in the joints. According to data published by the Harvard University, berry has a content of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. The content of antioxidants helps prevent harmful free radicals, while anti-inflammatory prevent inflammation.

Consumption of lemon juice.

The acid content in the lemon juice can help the body produce calcium carbonate that will neutralize gout.

Consumption of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is effective to cure joint inflammation that appears suddenly. Even the antioxidant content also proved to be able to relieve pain and prevent the bad effects of free radicals.

The highest source of vitamin C is guava. Therefore, don’t miss the guava juice on a regular basis when the morning. However, if not, you can still consume citrus fruit and kiwi fruit, because they also have high vitamin C content.

The consumption of honey vinegar.

In Saudi Arabia, honey vinegar also called with propolis, normally this medication sold by herbal remedies traders. Propolis is a collection of bee resin that could help give the nature of alkaline in the body, so it is effective to neutralize gout.

The consumption of plain water.

Natural gout remedies
Natural Gout Remedies

To cure gout is actually easy, you can routinely consume water at a minimum 8-10 cups in a day. Consuming water at least 8-10 glasses per day aims to dilute urine. Plain water is kind of a good drink to dissolve gout in the kidneys. With regular consumption, then the levels of gout in the body will not be concentrated, so the possibility of crystallizing on the joint is very small.

Clove and sweet potatoes.

Do you know the benefits of clove and sweet potatoes? Both of these traditional materials into a natural gout remedy used by the ancestors. Both could help neutralize purine levels and gout in the body.

How to cure gout with clove and sweet potatoes:

  • First prepare the material like 5 grains of cloves, with 5 grains of cardamom, and 1 finger of cinnamon, 5 grams of nutmeg, 15 g red ginger, 1000 ml water, and 200 grams of sweet potato.
  • Next, wash materials that already prepared.
  • Then boiled with 1000 ml of water to the boil and left half of it.
  • Strain the water, then consumed while still warm.
  • For the potato sweet, you can eat directly separating.

Keep the weight off.

Keeping the weight off is one of the most effective ways to treat gout. When we go on a healthy and balanced diet with exercise, excessive uric acid can dissolve and disposed of by the body. However, you do not have to do heavy exercise if you’re feeling pain. Try some light exercise, such as yoga, walking, and cycling. Although mild, we must do this exercise regularly every week.

Eating the right foods.

One way to maintain weight loss as an option a natural gout remedy is undergoing a healthy diet. We can start by choosing foods that include complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables (beets, cucumbers, lettuce, potatoes, and zucchini), and dairy products that are low or non-fat.

Thank you very much for reading How To Cure Gout Naturally, hopefully useful.

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