How to cure diarrhea in dogs
How To Cure Diarrhea In Dogs

How To Cure Diarrhea In Dogs

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Diarrhea is a frequent health problems experienced by dogs. Many cases of diarrhea in dogs is not a serious problem and will be cured with proper treatment at home. By taking the right steps, you can directly address the attacks of diarrhea that is not accompanied by other complications without needing help from a vet. Only, sometimes diarrhea experienced is serious, so that your dog needs the care of a veterinarian.

How To Cure Diarrhea In Dogs

Here are some ways to cure diarrhea in dogs:

Fasting your dog for 12 to 24 hours.
The presence of food in the intestines will cause indigestion channel contract to dispose of it. But if the dog is experiencing diarrhea, contractions happening would be too excessive so that incoming food be ejected too quickly in the form of diarrhea. The solution is to stop feeding for 12 to 24 hours to soothe indigestion channel to function normally again.

Provide fresh drinking water.
During the dog fasting, provide clean and fresh drinking water. Monitor your water bowl trough to ensure volume is reduced (meaning it drink). If it still wants to drink well, then the risk of dehydration will be reduced.

Calm your dog after the fasted with the bland food. After the completion of fasting, do not immediately give the dog food as usual. Give a soft food for the stomach and easy to digest.

Try the diet prescribed by the vet.
If you know that your dog does not respond well to the bland home-made food, just ask at your vet to know the prescription dog food that can cure the stomach, such as  Hills ID and Purina EN proved to be capable of accelerating the healing process of diarrhea in dogs.

Subtract the portion of the meal.
A smaller amount of food will reduce the stimulation of spasms of the digestive tract. When your dog is completely fasted, give it the same amount of food as usual. It’s just that, divide into four smaller servings, and give it in a certain time interval throughout the day. This will prevent relapse the diarrhea.

Give the probiotics.
Probiotics are bacteria that aid digestion. These bacteria can accelerate recovery dog from diarrhea. Good bacteria can get out for diarrhea. Thus, in order for the population back to the normal amount and digestion back efficient as before will take time. Probiotic supplements can spur the addition of bacterial populations. Generally, probiotics mix into the dog food once per day, for 5 days.

Do not give human diarrhea medicine to your dog.
Mild diarrhea should be resolved with the steps above. Give a medication that will stop diarrhea in dog can actually hide serious problems in the future. If symptoms of the diarrhea do not improve after 2-3 days using the above way, then chances are your dog is having problems that require veterinary care.

If the above methods cannot treat diarrhea in your dog, it will be able to visit the veterinarian for more appropriate treatment.

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