How To Cure Bulimia
How To Cure Bulimia

4 Tips – How To Cure Bulimia

How To Cure BulimiaBulimia is one type of dietary disorders are serious and potentially life-threatening. People with bulimia have a habit to keep the weight by not eating at all or eat in small amounts, then eating in large quantities, then eject the food from the body by force by vomiting or using laxatives.

Bulimia Nervosa is a disorder in the eating habits. Patients with bulimia disease always panic and fear of weight gain. This psychological condition causes the patient to experience binge, so make the effort casts food in different ways.

Bulimia belongs to mental illnesses that are commonly experienced by women. Most sufferers do very strict diet. This will cause the psychological disorders of nutrition is not capable is absorbed by the body, thus triggering other distractions.

This unhealthy way is done by the bulimia to eliminate the excess calories that have been consumed in order to keep the weight and body shape.

Like other diet disorder, bulimia most often experienced by women. Based on the results of research, there are about 8 of 100 women who have this disorder. Mostly experienced by women aged 16-40 years. On average the disorder began to appear at the age of between 18-19 years.

How To Cure Bulimia

The hardest and most important part of handling bulimia is to make a person with the disease awareness of the disorder. This awareness is very necessary to have people with a desire to recover and are willing to undergo treatment.

Admit that you have the wrong eating habits.

This attitude will train the consequences to control the food that goes into your mouth.

Avoid a party that serves a variety of food.

You also need to stay away from friends who often invite to eat, like culinary, and so on. Talking to a close friend will be better for you. This will prevent stress and depression.

Psychological therapy.

This therapy is conducted by an expert in order to give a correct understanding about eating habits.

Through therapy, patients will be helped to re-establish a positive mind and attitude toward eating patterns. This process will also help to detect the emotional issues behind the bulimia.

There are two types of therapy that can be undertaken, namely cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and interpersonal therapy. Passed CBT, patients will be helped to recognize the triggers of bulimia, for example the opinions and negative behavior, and then learn to replace them with positive thoughts and healthy.

While interpersonal therapy will help patients detect problems in dealing with others, while increasing the ability to communicate and resolve the problem.

To reduce symptoms, the use of a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIS) is also sometimes combined with therapy. Fluoxetine is the most commonly SSRIS used in dealing with bulimia.

The doctor will monitor the progression of the condition as well as the reaction of the patient’s body against the drug regularly during use of antidepressants. It is well known that this drug is not suitable to use by people with bulimia are under 18 years old, epileptics, have a family with a history of heart disease, liver, or kidneys.

The use of the drug.

In this way aims to reduce depression, obsessions, anxiety, stress and impulsive habits such as forced vomiting. Medications that are commonly used like fluoxetine and sertraline, topiramate. These three drugs it should be with the advice of the doctor.

If the mentioned ways is not effective, treatment should be done in the hospital by way of hospitalization. This action, especially when weight is decreased by 25% from normal conditions, or when vital organs in the body suffered a severe malfunction.

To recover from bulimia, a person with this disease must be able to change the pattern of feeding, changing the mindset about eating, as well as increase the weight gradually. The longer a person suffered from bulimia, increasingly difficult to cure it. Thus, the handling is better done as soon as possible.

Handling steps against bulimia generally require time and energy which are not small. Full support from friends and family also plays an important role in curing people with bulimia. Therefore, as well as people with families are encouraged to be patient in living it.

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