How to cure an infected toe
How To Cure An Infected Toe (Illustration/pixabay)

How To Cure An Infected Toe

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The skin of the feet can be problematic due to infected and affected by the fungus or bacteria. This fungal infection can cause maceration, which is characterized by white patches, skin peeling, cracked, and the itching has occurred. Fungal infections can also cause athlete’s foot. Usually the yeast infection happens to interrupt the third and fourth toes. But it could also happen  to the sidelines of the toes that spread to the back of the foot and the soles of the feet. In addition, yeast infection can also be on the edge of the nail.

While bacterial infections marked with dots or hollows in the soles of the feet, because the soles of the feet are most often affected. The cause of infection is the condition of the foot that is too moist. The moisture can occur due to hyperhidrosis (excess sweating), or it could be because the anatomy of the toes that are too close together. Because the feet are too moist, the condition can also cause foot odor.

How To Cure An Infected Toe

Yeast and bacterial infections caused a foot condition that is too moist, it can be cured with some of the following ways:

Often replace the socks. To reduce moisture in feet, we recommend that you replace your socks regularly. If you’ve used a day, preferably socks not used again tomorrow. In addition, select socks from an easy material to absorb sweat so that the skin of the feet is not too damp feet.

Take off shoes. For feet is not too moist, often taking off shoes if possible so that there is good air circulation. Or it could be selected the shoes that are not too covered.

Use Anti-fungal Powder. Give antifungal powder, especially between the toes that tend to be close together. This way makes the foot is reduced the moist and prevents the appearance of fungi.

Anti Perspirant. Moist Feet can also be caused by excess perspiration, as sufferers hyperhidrosis. To reduce perspiration, antiperspirant can use containing aluminum chloride.

Injection of Botox for moist foot conditions due to hyperhidrosis, could also be cured by the injection of Botox. This injection on average survive between 6-8 months.

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