How to cure a groin yeast infection?
How to cure a groin yeast infection? (Illustration/pixabay)

How to cure a yeast infection?

Nail yeast infection

Yeast infection in the toe nails or also with known as Onychomycosis, is one of the health problems that can happen to anyone.

Symptoms onychomycosis is as inflammation, swelling, yellowing color and texture change in nails. Although sometimes painful, but if the infection has spread the pain caused even this condition is unavoidable.

Onychomycosis itself is triggered by certain conditions, such as not normally the pH levels of the skin, immune system weakening, moisture exposure, such as wet shoes, sweaty socks, also triggered by diabetes.

If left without treatment, the infection can cause broken toenails, split or even falls. Fortunately, this condition is very easily cured, even just by making use of mouthwash that is priced very affordably.

How to cure nail yeast infection?

How to cure nail yeast infection? (Illustration/By James Heilman, MD (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL ], via Wikimedia Commons)
How To Cure A Yeast Infection? 1
Listerine, as is known to have a function to kill bacteria and germs in the mouth, but its function is not only limited to that. Listerine is also known in overcoming powerful nail fungus infection, because the content of alcohol and antiseptic.

How to use:

  • Fill the container contains water and pour the Listerine into it
  • Soak the affected foot infection for approximately 30 minutes while rubbing the infected toenails
  • After that, dry your feet with a towel. Make sure the nails in dry conditions
  • Repeat the process twice a day until your toe nails free from infection.

Groin yeast infection

Yeast infection in the groin is a very annoying yeast infection. How to cure a yeast infection in the groin? Read the following information.

Fungal infections of the groin are referred to as tinea cruris. The disease is caused by a dermatophyte fungus which can be transmitted from person or animal.

Though itching and disturbing appearance, generally a yeast infection in the groin is not dangerous.

Yeast infection in the groin appears as a red, scaly plaques and itching in the crotch area. If it lasts a long time, its color can be blackish brown. On the banks of the plaques generally irregular nodule small pimple-like red, is itching and can gain weight if you’re sweating.

Tinea cruris usually targeting people who often sweaty, overweight, athletes, people who wear underwear or pants are too tight, and people with compromised immune systems are low, such as those with diabetes mellitus, cancer, post-organ transplantation, and HIV / AIDS.

Those who like to Exchange pants, underwear, or towels with other people are also at risk of contracting this infection. In addition, your pet can also transmit this yeast infection.

How to cure a groin yeast infection?

How to cure a groin yeast infection? (Illustration/pixabay)
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For fungal infections on the crotch-level light, the doctor will give you antifungal cream to treat it. In addition, you are also advised to keep Your groin area clean and dry. Therefore, it is advisable to always clean garments, and avoid wearing tight pants and layered.

If you often sweaty, it’s good You wiped the perspiration on a regular basis, even if the need to replace Your Pants and panties. But you need to remember, avoid exchanging clothes or towels with others to prevent the occurrence of transmission.

However, if the treatment is not successful, or the area affected by the extensive fungal infection, the doctor will prescribe antifungal drinking to cure it. Do the treatment with regularly, and don’t forget to control back to the doctor to evaluate your situation.

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