How to cure fungus on toenails
How To Cure Fungus On Toenails (Illustration/Wikipedia)

How To Cure Fungus On Toenails

Toenail fungus usually infects the hard materials of the shape the nails. The infection itself can spread throughout the entire nail, including the foundation, the slabs, and the root of the nail.

How To Cure Fungus On Toenails

There are several ways that you can do yourself at home to cure fungus on toenails.

Use antifungal.
If white signs already appear in the nails, wash your nails and pat dry. Next, apply the antifungal ointment. If feet are attacked, gave the antifungal powder or spray and make sure the feet are always clean and dry.

Using balm.
Although there are no studies that prove medically, but balm is believed to be able to cure fungus on toenail. But before You apply balm every day by using cotton on the affected nail, you should consult with a doctor.

Cut and diluting nail.
Cut and diluting nails will help the drugs used to absorb deeper. This technique also reduces the pressure of the nail so that the pain is reduced. You can apply creams containing urea on thick nails because of fungus, wrap with gauze, and then leave it overnight. When the morning rinse with soap and water. It is useful to make nails softer so it is easy to cut and thinned.

If the above treatments are still not effectively makes the toenails free from yeast infection, then immediately contact a doctor. Some actions that may be performed include:

Antifungal drug prescribing to drink.
To replace an infected nail with a new one, the doctor will likely prescribe an antifungal medication. The healing process of toenail fungus with this type drugs usually takes about four months. During the time that it takes to get a free nail fungus and grows perfectly.

Prescribe the form of nail polish.
Other medications that may be prescribed are the nail polish which have antifungal properties. This Nail Polish antifungal called ciclopirox. Its purpose is to coat the nails and around the infected nails. In early usage, the nail polish will be left on for seven days before being cleaned with alc*hol. Furthermore, this Nail Polish antifungal usage should be done every day for a year until a free nail fungus actually obtained.

Prescribe the form of creams.
Other treatment that can be done is to use cream antifungal. Its use is done by rubbing the infected nails. Make sure the nails are soaked and thinned before the cream is applied. Thinning of the nail is required so that the nail antifungal cream antifungal coating penetrates more easily so that the fungus easy put away.

Nail removal surgery.
Toenail fungus-infected removal recommended if it will cause pain that is not overwhelming. With the dismissal of the infected nail, a new nail will then grow in the same place. The healing process with this method could take a year until the new nail grows perfectly.

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