How To Cure Yeast Infection In Dogs
How To Cure Yeast Infection In Dogs

3 Tips- How To Cure Yeast Infection In Dogs

Yeast Infection is one of the diseases that often infected a dog. If not cared for properly will add another disease in dogs. Yeast Infection one caused by the surface of the skin’s dog is damp. Usually occurs in the rainy season, bathing the dogs that have not been dried properly, or because the dog is wet and humid.

Yeast dermatitis is an inflammatory skin condition that is fairly common in pets. This condition is caused by overgrowth of the Malassezia yeast species in the skin, ear, and mucocutaneous areas. Yeast infections are very common in hot and humid environments.

How To Cure Yeast Infection In Dogs

Following the steps of how to cure Yeast Infection in dogs:

  • Use the pet protector in advance on your dog to avoid Dog licking.
  • Clean the area around the yeast infection with H2O2 liquid (can be bought at the nearest pharmacies). Once cleaned, wipe with cotton or a clean cloth until dry.
  • Once cleaned, apply a specific antifungal skin ointment for dogs.

For dogs with short fur, preferably when the feather in wet conditions, dried with the blower, then the feather sprinkled with powder and then brushed until the feathers free of powder.

For Long furry dogs, the granting of the powder can also be applied. Once sprinkled powder, blow the skin and feathers with a hair dryer.

Bathe the dog with a shampoo that has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial can be done and it’s best to choose a dog food that made from lamb meat that can more can prevent skin diseases than chicken or beef. The following are some antifungal soap or shampoo:

  • Shampoo with Ketoconazole active ingredient. Shampoo with Ketoconazole active ingredients are Fungasol-SS and Nizoral.
  • Shampoo with Selenium Sulfide active ingredient, variant of Selsun.
  • Antifungal Medicated Shampoo for Dogs, such as Perfect Coat, Hartz, Professional Pet Product (PPP), and from Pipapet.
  • Shampoo with Miconazole active ingredient. Shampoo with Miconazole active ingredient such as Masaleb dog shampoo.
  • Bath Soap made with 10% active Sulfur.

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